On the record


WHAT: Township trustees meeting Tuesday

PRESENT: Frank Parke and Ted Webb

ABSENT:  Paul Hovis


l Announced the new fire station under construction on Warren Meadville Road is scheduled to be completed in mid-November, four months ahead of schedule. Fiscal Officer Rita Drew said firefighters should be in by mid-to-late November with officials discussing a grand opening. Trustees approved $297,126 to Milcam Inc. for contracted work on the fire station;

l Approved a one-year IT service cooperative agreement with Farmington Township to share services at $50 per hour during regular business hours and $75 per hour for non-business hours;

l Approved emergency medical service supplies at $2,750 from Southeastern Medical Supply Co. Fire Chief Dennis Lewis said an EMS grant will cover expenses;

l Approved sale of 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier and a 2004 Hyundai that were in the police impound lot at cost not to exceed $2,500;

l Announced Drug Take Back Day will be held in conjunction with the fire department 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Oct. 22 at the police station;

l Announced the annual food drive for Cortland Area Cares will be 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Nov. 12 at WalMart on Elm Road.

— Bob Coupland


WHAT: Board of Education meeting Wednesday

PRESENT: Don Mickel, Misty Berry and John Hickey

ABSENT:  Kathy Johnson and Scott Chapman

The board:

l Heard from several residents of West Farmington Village who asked that more bus stops be made so children do not have to walk as far to get picked up. The board will review the request;

l Approved a contract with Bristol Public Library for various services at $8,000;

l Hired Alyssa Suffron as an intervention specialist and play director and Tina Meyer as a cafeteria worker;

l Approved paying ticket takers $35 per night and $20 on nights there is one freshman game or one middle school game for the 2016-2017 school year;

l Accepted a donation of 50 recycling bins from the Trumbull-Geauga Solid Waste District.

— Bob Coupland


WHAT: Township park board meeting Thursday

PRESENT: Jim Brutz, Jackie Mills and Allen Seman

The board:

l Will contact the Howland Soccer League to request scheduling more time between soccer games to avoid major traffic congestion at the park during the week and on Saturdays as one game is played directly after the other. Mills said scheduling even a half hour or more will allow people to come and go with less congestion;

l Are reminding residents not to use staples for holding down table coverings at the park because they are not being removed and people have been getting cut;

l Reported the Howland High School National Honor Society and Howland Rotary will be working at the parks for Make A Difference Day Oct. 22. Mills said NHS will be painting at Bolindale Park and the Rotary will be pressure washing at the township park;

l Reported pickleball at Bolindale Park has been a success with plans to expand next spring with more courts;

l Discussed continuing the farmers markets in July to September 2017 at Bolindale Park.

l Heard from Mills the Ohio Department of Natural Resources will be marking types of trees in the township park. She said next year she would like groups to tour the park to see the different varieties of trees;

l Rescheduled the next meeting to 4:30 p.m. Nov. 17.

— Bob Coupland


WHAT: Township trustees meeting Tuesday

PRESENT: Walter Emrick and Walter Horodyski

ABSENT: Richard Heberling


l Approved a motion for Robert Ross take the township’s dump truck to Eagle Welding for repairs before damages become too great to be handled by a welder and because of the use the dump truck will see during the winter.

l Approved a supplemental appropriation to pay attorney Mark Finamore for his services in a lawsuit.

l Requested the fire department either confirm or deny a residential status request for a residence, which will determine whether the bill will be residentially adjusted or sent to collections.

l Approved a request from Joseph Badger High School to present the high school’s play on the board in front of the town hall.

— David Dye