On the record


WHAT: Township trustee meeting Tuesday

PRESENT: Ramon French and Mark Webb

ABSENT: Doug Seemann


l Heard from Steve Papalas of the Trumbull County Engineer’s Office about assistance the office can provide to the township on a drainage issue off Phelps Road;

l Approved Isaac Wriston at $2,200 for fencing to be placed at Kagy Cemetery. A sign also has been posted with the cemetery name;

l Will have the fire department inspect a burned home on Greenville Road and also seek proposals from King Brothers to get it taken down;

l Rescheduled the next meeting to 7 p.m. Nov. 3.

— Bob Coupland


WHAT: Board of Education special meeting Monday

PRESENT:  Don Mickel, Scott Chapman, Kathie Johnson, Misty Berry and John Hickey

The board:

l Entered into an agreement with Transfinder at $10,455 to help the district with making bus routes more efficient and to help save mileage. Superintendent Christopher Dray said other districts, including Mathews, have used the services for improving bus routes;

l Accepted the resignation of Allyson Campbell as a bus driver effective Oct. 19.

— Bob Coupland


WHAT: Board of Trustees meeting Monday

PRESENT: Timothy Woofter, Linda Miller and Greg Leonhard


l Announced Candidate’s Night has been canceled, with no plans to reschedule;

l Was notified that Cory Van Kanegan completed fire inspector school and was applying for a FEMA grant to replace the 1990 bush truck and the exhaust removal system in the fire station;

l Received a $4,000 check from the Tim and Joni Woofter Family Foundation to help cover expenses with the new park restrooms;

l  Was notified that Shop With a Cop Day raised $2,734;

l Received a presentation from Harold Firster of the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office regarding the potential use of the Integrated Judicial Information System (IJIS) with the Kinsman Township Police Department.

— David Dye