Liberty party speakers emphasize Constitution

WARREN – Several area politicians and community activists spoke Saturday to a small group of supporters about the importance of voting and taking a stance, even if their views contradict the country’s two major political parties.

A voter information rally sponsored by the local chapter of Campaign for Liberty was held at Courthouse Square Park.

“Our message is for people to support the ideas in the U.S. Constitution,” said Jim Morris, a leader in the Trumbull County chapter of the Campaign for Liberty. “There are five people running to become the president of the United States, but those who watched the first debate only know about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump.”

Morris said the Campaign for Liberty was started in 2008 by Ron Paul, who failed to get the Republican nomination, but used campaign funds to start a party with the idea of the U.S. Constitution at its heart.

Members of the party believe the Constitution is not a living document that may be interpreted. They believe in a non-interventionist foreign policy. The group does not believe the American people can remain prosperous and free with 700 military bases around the world, troops in 130 countries, and a steady diet of war propaganda.

Campaign for Liberty’s Trumbull County chapter meets at the Perkins in Niles every Thursday and every third Tuesday of the month.

Morris said the two major parties are riding rough shod over the Constitution and government is being financially challenged by an increasing federal bureaucracy.

“Our message is to get people to wake up and for them to take responsibility in using their votes,” Morris said. “Don’t just vote for the Democrats because you’re a Democrat, because not every Democrat is good. On the other hand, if you’re a Republican, don’t vote for every Republican candidate, because not every Republican is good.”

Voters have to be nuanced in their voting and study what the candidates stand for.

“We have a $19 trillion debt and are in a perpetual state of war for peace,” he said.

Morris said they have to work to establish their party by first winning local, regional and state races.

Jim Earl, a supporter of Ohio Right to Life and one of the original organizers of Trumbull Life Chain, told the small crowd of people attending Saturday’s event that the pro-life movement always has been influenced by Christian teachings.

Earl gave specific bible verses indicating it is not man’s will to take a life, but a decision made by God.

“Abortion is the taking of a life,” Earl said. “Abortion kills children. “

Since abortion was made constitutional, there have been 58 million babies killed, Earl said.

“Ohio Right to Life is giving voices to the voiceless,” Earl said.

This year’s Life Chain will begin at 2:30 p.m. today on Elm Road.

Sarah Fowler, a District 7 representative with the Ohio Board of Education, said America is neither a Democracy or a theocracy, but a Constitutional republic.

“There are many people who believe the country’s politics are broken, but it is not,” Fowler said. “It is the process. We have to value the Constitution.

County Commissioner Dan Polivka, a Democrat, said as commissioner he successfully fought against an effort by some to increase taxes.

“We found $7 million surplus in our health insurance budget,” Polivka said. “We still have more than $4.5 million. We’re watching your money. We are being conservative in our spending.”

Scott Rupert, an independent candidate for U.S. Senate, said neither of the major party candidates are fighting to protect the constitution.

“They are campaigning on our fears,” Rupert said. “Each of the major parties are saying vote for us, because we are not them.”

Rupert agreed that it is important for independent candidates to begin winning at the local level.

“We can have the most influence at the local level,” he said.

Frank Naypaver, a supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump,said anyone wanting change from the way government has been working should vote for Trump.

“We have to get this guy elected,” Naypaver said. “Clinton and the media keep pointing out small things and making them bigger than they are.”