Gas prices up despite drop in demand

WARREN – Area gas prices were up about a nickel on Monday from where they were a week ago but still down from this time last year.

On Monday, the average price for a gallon of regular gas in the Warren-Youngstown area was $2.20, national auto club AAA reported.

AAA leaders said gas prices continued to climb despite a seasonal drop in demand.

A week ago, Valley consumers paid an average of $2.15. The average cost was $2.07 and $2.31 a month and a year ago, respectively.

Statewide, regular gas averaged $2.29 a gallon at the pump – 3 cents more than across the country – compared to $2.22 a week ago, $2.08 a month ago and $2.50 a year ago.

Auto club leaders reported that Ohio was among the states with the largest increases since last week. Others were Indiana, up 11 cents; Michigan, up 10 cents; Missouri and West Virginia, each up 8 cents; and Illinois and Florida, each up 6 cents.

The national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas increased for 12 of the past 14 days, reaching $2.26 per gallon on Monday versus $2.22 a week ago, $2.18 a month ago and $2.32 this time last year.