Dominion East gas rates up

WARREN – October rates for Dominion East Ohio’s Standard Choice Offer / Standard Service Offer are 3.5 percent higher than they were last month.

Effective Oct. 12, this month’s rates will be $2.902 per thousand cubic feet (mcf). The revised rates are 9.9 cents higher than the September SCO / SSO rates of $2.803 per mcf.

The rates are 31.9 cents, or 12.4 percent, higher than the October 2015 SCO / SSO rates of $2.583 per mcf.

Under the company’s Sept. 30 filing, the average SCO / SSO residential customer’s bill for the month would be $46.97, up $4.14, or 9.7 percent, from $42.83 in October 2015.

Company leaders said the continuing flow of regional shale natural gas resources from Ohio and neighboring states has moderated the SCO increase this month.