1917: Pickpockets on the prowl

99 years ago in 1917:

l Pocketbooks to the number of nearly a score were lost by people attending the McKinley Memorial dedication and “dips” probably secured several hundred dollars in their work.

Warren police were right on the job here when a strange quartet hit town and there was little work done here.

Captain Gillen and Patrolman Heinlein landed four alleged pickpockets late Friday afternoon and two of them still had pocketbooks on their person.

l Music records for Warren boys at Camp Sherman were being contributed by Warren people.

The Tribune’s request for disc records for Warren boys to use on their Victrola at Camp Sherman has been complied with by some people and the boys will soon have some new music.

Mrs. Sophia Quimby was the first to answer the request when she contributed money to the fund. J.A. Lehr boxed up a good supply of records that the Tribune shipped to the boys. Other subscriptions were received by the draft editor at the Tribune office.

50 years ago in 1966:

l The Trumbull Art Guild’s eighth annual fall show opened at the Packard Park shelter house. Harold Kitner, art instructor and chairman of painting, sculpture and printmaking at Kent State University and art critic with the Akron Beacon Journal, judged the show.

He said he was impressed by the wide range of quality and pointed out “there are few exhibitions left which appeal to the primitive and the near primitive who have the enviable ability to create directly without the sometimes tiresome sophistication of the more ‘learned’ artist. This is a direction for this exhibition, which is much needed today and should be expanded.”

l The plans to construct the building to house the Kent State University Trumbull campus were unveiled, awaiting the approval of voters.

A three-story structure with main entrances and public rooms on the middle floor will be built on the proposed North River Road site of Kent State University academic campus. The building was designed to provide facilities for 2,000 students.

The voters in the city of Warren and the townships of Howland, Warren, Lordstown and Champion were to “ballot on the tax levy.”

Kent operated a branch in Warren for 11 years previous, having moved from Harding High School to leased facilities at 1092 University NE until the branch was built.

25 years ago in 1991:

l Thomas Sawyer Sr. was elected to his 10th term as president of the Trumbull County Agricultural Society. Sawyer was first elected president in 1982. He said he did not see any major changes coming up in the operation of the county fair but added, “I’m always open to suggestions.”

l About 200 people showed up at the Harvey Courtney Ford on Elm Road to watch the fur fly during the “No-Class Cat Show.”

About 50 cats competed and made the show a big success, said Tony Pesce, part owner and general manager of the dealership.

Christopher Hayes of Warren, a big man with a beard and bright red hair, and Melbourne, a big cat with bright orange fur, took home $25 and the first-place trophy in the owner and cat look-alike category. There were gray cats, white cats, orange cats and even an Italian cat. Well, his owner claimed he was Italian. Other categories included the most colorfully dressed and the fat cat.

10 years ago in 2006:

l The Trumbull County Board of Elections predicted an increase in absentee applications as anyone was able to cast an absentee ballot through the mail or at the Board of Elections. Locally, voters were electing county commissioner and state lawmakers. Several statewide issues, including a measure to raise Ohio’s minimum wage, were also on the ballot. Elections officials said the the board already had received about 2,000 applications for absentee ballots. Elections Director Kelly Pallante said she expected about 6,000.

l The keys to the Girard City Schools’ fleet of 14 buses were stolen.

Marge Pieton, supervisor of the district’s bus garage, reported that the keys were taken after 3 p.m. Saturday. The tires of four buses also were flattened by plastic forks being stuck into their valve stems. Nothing else was damaged or missing.

School Resource Officer John Norman said the garage had spare keys to all the buses and school was not delayed because of the theft.

Compiled from Tribune Chronicle archives by Emily Earnhart