Report: Two boys taken from home without couple’s permission

WARREN – A Kenwood Drive SW couple told police Monday their two young boys have been taken by someone they know to Tennessee without their permission.

Adrianne Goldberg, 34, said her children, 6-year-old Armon Tharpe and 17-month-old Malachi Tharpe, were taken from a family member’s home sometime over the weekend, the police report stated. Goldberg said it wasn’t until Monday that she was made aware her children were gone, police said.

Police said Goldberg and her fiance, Johnnie R. Tharpe, 36, said they did not give anyone permission to take their boys across state lines.

The report noted Goldberg thinks that the children are at the home of Tharpe’s sister in Tennessee.

The report described Malachi Tharpe as having a brown skin tone, brown eyes and hair.

Armon Tharpe was described as having curly brown hair down to the small of his back and also has a small scar on his chin under his bottom lip.

Both boys were last seen wearing camo pants and a blue T-shirt with a giraffe on the front, the report stated.

Goldberg told police that two people had broken into her home sometime Friday through a back door and assaulted her.

The children were not taken at that time, police said.

Police officers tried to contact both suspects and the Tennessee home, and left messages on their phones.