Pence stumps for Trump in Leetonia

LEETONIA- Donald Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, made a campaign stop in Leetonia Wednesday evening, encouraging voters to part with the bureaucratic status quo of the Democratic opposition to elect a candidate who will put America first.

More than 1,000 people filled the Leetonia High School gym to hear the vice presidential candidate promote Trump, a man he said has the highest sense of integrity for the highest office in the land and embodies the American people.

“(He’s a candidate) who never quits, who never backs down,” Pence told the crowd. “He’s a doer in a game for talkers, and he doesn’t tiptoe around political correctness. He is willing to fight for what he believes in.”

After taking swipes at the Clinton campaign and Obama administration, criticizing the speaking fees and Clinton Foundation donations Clinton received while secretary of state, Pence noted the election is about security, prosperity and the Supreme Court.

“The Obama administration has weakened America’s place in the world, which has emboldened other countries,” Pence said. “You can see it in how terrorism at home and abroad has grown [under Obama].”

Pence noted Clinton supported troop withdrawal from Iraq which led to ISIS rising, participated in a terrorist ransom payment and played a role in Benghazi, for which he said she should be disqualified for the presidency.

Trump will stand strong for America and provide for national defense, Pence said, and supports the men and women in law enforcement, believing them to be the best individuals in society and promising to help return law and order to the country’s cities and towns.

Harkening back to the Great Depression and 1970s recession, Pence said we are now experiencing a challenging time in the life of the economy, with more people living in poverty than when Obama took office.

“Clinton is just more of the same,” he said.

Trump promises to cut taxes across the board, including lowering business taxes, which will keep jobs in Ohio, Pence said. He also said Trump will place a moratorium on federal regulations and repeal every executive order issued by Obama his first day of office, drawing a loud cheer from the crowd.

Pence described Trump as a negotiator-in-chief and explained he would overhaul and reduce trade partnerships and make American workers the first priority. He also will end the war on coal and release all the power of the economy, he said.

“Conservative principles work every time you put them into practice,” he said, mentioning the Reagan and Kennedy administrations.

Just as important as security and prosperity, the Supreme Court will be heavily influenced by the election results, Pence said.

“[This election] will set the course and direction of the Supreme Court for the next 40 years,” he said, estimating up to three justices will be appointed. Trump will appoint those who will uphold the Constitution, he added.

Ultimately, Pence said he and Trump, unlike their opponents, believe there will always be more that unites the American people than that which will divide them.

“And it has everything to do with faith – faith in God and faith in the American people,” he concluded.

State Reps. Christina Hagan and Tim Ginter also spoke at the rally, both praising the integrity and morality of Trump and his ability to revive the economy in America.

Hagan described Trump as a “genuine man who listens” and who is “working hard for support and expects nothing without earning it.

Ginter noted his choice of Pence, with his integrity, character and business mind, as a running mate is indicative of the choices he will make as president.

“[We need] a president and vice president who will once again be the voice of the middle class that is the strength of America,” he said.

Howell is a reporter for the Salem News.