Trumbull Land Bank gets nod in Times

WARREN – ”How cool is it that we are in the New York Times?” said Matt Martin, executive director of Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership, of the mention the Trumbull County Land Bank received in an Aug. 16 article of the publication.

”Other than the fact that it is cool, it really is a nod to show how far the program has come,” said Martin.

The article, which talks about funds for the demolition and repurposing of abandoned homes be set aside in a $16 billion or so mortgage settlement with Bank of America, contains stats from the county land bank, which is operated by Martin’s TNP.

So far, the land bank has sold more than 300 vacant lots to next-door neighbors to expand their property and about 100 homes in conditions that require some improvements, but not a ”to-the-studs renovation,” Martin said.

Those homes are often sold for much less than $10,000, he said.

The NYT article didn’t contain a quote, but that’s OK, said Martin, because it included the organization’s data on how it has been able to ”move the properties forward.”