Suffrage Association calls district meeting in Warren

99 years ago in 1915

Miss Katharine C. Norris, chairman of the 19th Congressional District of the Ohio Woman Suffrage Association, has called a conference for the three counties in the Trumbull, Mahoning and Ashtabula district, to be held at Sutliff Hall, Warren Public Library. State speakers will be Mrs. Harriet Taylor Upton, president; Mrs. Zell Hart Deming, treasurer; and Miss Elizabeth J. Hauser, chairman of the suffrage organization.

“We are eager to make this district the home of suffrage headquarters, the banner district for voting rights in Ohio,” Miss Norris said.

50 years ago in 1964

Members of the Mahoning Valley Astronomical Society were hosts and their observatory at Braceville was the mecca for about 125 amateur astronomers and their families Saturday.

The occasion was the annual picnic for the Ohio Turnpike Astronomer’s Association. Clubs from Trumbull County, Akron, Black River, Chippewa, Cuyahoga, Kent, Toledo, Wooster and Youngstown were in attendance, with guests from Erie, Pa., and Jamestown, N.Y. A smorgasbord supper was enjoyed, followed by inspection of the observatory and a full evening of entertainment.

At dusk, in the outdoor theater, a color-sound movie, “Eclipse of the Quiet Sun,” was shown.

Twenty-two telescopes, including refractors, ranging in size from 2 to 8 inches in diameter, were put to good use as soon as it was dark. The sky was exceptionally clear and sky-searching continued until a late or “early” hour.

25 years ago in 1989

WLND-AM will try to enter a time warp Sunday by recreating the Woodstock Music Festival.

Instead of Max Yasgur’s farm, a field behind Rumors, 2175 W. Market St., will serve as the gathering place. And since Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and other Woodstock performers are dead (and many of those who are alive still command top prices), local acts will perform music from the festival, as well as other songs, for 12 hours.

The concert is billed as Wood-Stock II, with a hyphen, to avoid any copyright infringement on the name

“It’s the only rock ‘n’ roll concert that has immediate recall,” station general manager Robert Kersmarki said. “Even if they weren’t around at the the time, people really remember it.”

Kersmarki organized the show with Frank Fordeley, who booked all of the bands.

Performing for the show are six area bands – Traitor, Breakaway, Shakedown, Thorax, Stone Fox and Grand Jury.

10 years ago in 2004

Because of the popularity of transportation services, Lordstown is about to reveal its own service for seniors and handicapped residents, possibly within the next week.

Village Council first authorized limited transportation service in July 2003, through a contract with Antonine Sisters Adult Day Care Inc.

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