Man arrested in assault

WARREN – A Niles man charged with felonious assault in connection to an incident at an East Market Street restaurant on Monday was being held without bond at the Trumbull County Jail following his arraignment on Tuesday.

Charles Parisi Jr., 26, of 93 Fairlawn St., is also charged with domestic violence and two counts of misdemeanor assault. He is due back in Warren Municipal Court for a preliminary hearing at 1:30 p.m. Aug. 12.

Parisi is accused of attacking four people who were having dinner in the dining area of the Sunrise Inn just before 7:30 p.m., according to a Warren police report.

All four victims were taken to St. Joseph Health Center for medical attention, the report states. Police reported that one person suffered bruising while another had a cracked rib and “deep bruising all over his body.”

Witnesses told police that the four people Cynthia M. Wolford, 37, of Youngstown, her friend, Solomon Cindea, 30, of Warren, Wolford’s adopted son, Marquise Phillips, 18, of Youngstown, and Phillips’ friend, Jordan Shaughnessy, 18, of Youngstown were sitting at a table eating when Parisi entered the restaurant through the back door, found the victims and attacked them, the police report states.

Reports state that Parisi leaned across the table and “threw a punch at Cindea” but instead hit Wolford. After throwing Wolford out of the way, Parisi continued punching Cindea in his head and torso area, reports state.

Reports state that Cindea stood up to defend himself and the fight continued in the dining area, with Parisi picking up a chair and throwing it at Cindea, hitting him in the midsection. Reports state that Phillips and Shaughnessy “made a meager attempt to stop the attack,” but Parisi threw them out of the way causing them minor injury.

After a few minutes, Parisi ran out the back door and entered a friend’s car that was stopped by police on Woodland Street N.E. a short time later, the police report states. Police reported that Parisi had a large red mark under his right eye and a bloody right ankle. Police also noted that he was sweating and that his chest was pounding “as if he had just physically exerted himself.”

Parisi was transported to the county jail. Police said they released the driver of the vehicle from the scene after determining that he had no connection to the incident.

Police also took Cindea into custody and transported him to the county jail after learning there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest through Niles Municipal Court.

Police questioned a female employee at the restaurant after they were told that she had called Parisi and told him that Wolford and Cindea were at the restaurant and that she had let him into the business through the back door, the report states. However, the employee denied any involvement in the incident, the police report states.