Sex offenders sent to prison

WARREN – A 35-year-old Warren sex offender who already was sentenced to three years in prison last month for failing to notify authorities of a change of his address was handed an additional 18 months Wednesday after pleading guilty to a similar but different charge in 2012.

And minutes after Paul Ellis was sentenced, Common Pleas Judge W. Wyatt McKay handed down another two-year prison sentence to William J. Miller, a sexual predator out of Portage County. Miller also was found guilty of failing to notify Trumbull County’s sheriff’s deputies that his residence had changed.

Miller, 36, who most recently lived on Palmyra Road S.W., had been convicted in Portage county of abduction in 1998 and convicted of rape in 2002. He already served seven years on the rape charge.

A prosecutor explained that a woman from Niles noticed her address on a website that points out where sex offenders are living and she explained that Miller had moved from the address in February.

For Ellis, however, it was the fourth conviction for the same charge.

In June, a jury convicted Ellis of failing to tell Deputy Russ Molinatto that he moved from a girlfirend’s home on Northwest Blvd. N.W., Warren, last summer and didn’t inform anyone where he was living.

A woman told the jury that Ellis moved into her home with her daughter in the fall of 2012 and she was tired of him not helping out with the housework and never paying any rent by last summer on July 9, 2013.

There was no lease, no rent, and Ellis packed up his belongings in two storage bins and left the house. He returned Aug. 12 and argued with woman, who threw him out.

In the meantime, the woman said she was tired of her home appearing on the website map showing where convicted sex offenders lived so she called Molinatto to explain that Ellis had left a year ago.