Teens arrested near high school

NILES – On June 2 at roughly 11 p.m., officers were dispatched to Niles McKinley High School after three males were reported going through a dumpster. While checking the area, officers saw a silver Saturn with two males drive down Dragon Drive from Wilson Avenue towards Wade Avenue. As the vehicle passed, the officer saw two men matching the description of the suspects.

An officer following the vehicle ran the registration through dispatch. The car came back to a Nicholas Luzar. As the officer followed the vehicle on to John Street, it turned down Wilson and pulled into 143 Wilson Ave. As it pulled in, dispatch received another call with the same description of three males going through a vehicle at 215 Wilson Ave. The officer activated the lights and met the driver in the driveway of 143 Wilson.

The driver, Luzar, and a juvenile passenger began telling the officer that they were just driving around. They denied going through the dumpster and a vehicle. While investigating the two men with another officer, they heard what sounded like branches snapping from behind the house. After approaching the back yard area, they found that the second passenger and a third passenger were both runaways, and that the third suspect was wanted for a domestic violence event that took place earlier in the day.

The juvenile found in the car with Luzar was placed under arrest and transported to the police station to be fingerprinted and then taken to JJC. The third runaway was taken to the station where his guardian was notified to take custody of him.