Faulty water meters will be replaced

WARREN – The maker of water meters used by Trumbull County’s Sanitary Engineer’s Office for residential customers in Bazetta, Champion and a portion of Howland has agreed to replace 2,450 faulty meters.

Neptune Technologies Inc. of Alabama has agreed, too, to pay the Sanitary Engineer’s Office $57,500 for ”inconvenience” caused because of the defective devices, according to an agreement county commissioners approved Wednesday.

The problem was caused by bad electronic chips in the meters that prevented usage information needed for billing from being sent to meter readers, office Sanitary Engineer Scott Verner said.

In instances where meter readers could not register consumption information, ”customers bills were based on an actual, physical read at the house,” or on an average of past bills in cases where the meter could not be read at the residence, Verner said.

About 1,000 of the faulty meters already have been replaced.