Champion officials hear ideas for property

CHAMPION – Township officials heard various ideas for the 80-acre township property behind town hall.

Officials with the Trumbull County Planning Commission hosted a public hearing Wednesday at Kent State University in Trumbull on updating the township’s comprehensive plan.

Trustee Chairman Bob Farmer said while there was no final decision, ideas from the 50 residents in attendance included using the property for a park, community center, senior citizen center, or new police or fire department building. Farmer said it was also proposed working with the schools for placing schools on the property.

He said the main focus of the meeting was to get ideas for the property’s future.

The parcel is located off state Route 45 between the town hall and the cemetery abutting the high school property at its north end.

A third public hearing on the plan is planned for early 2015.

The plan is to be a guide for future growth and development in the township and be an updated to a 2001 plan.

Information on the plan is available at the county planning commission’s website.