Shooting, manhunt in Warren


Tribune Chronicle

WARREN – A Warren teen is dead and the search was ongoing for a second person after a homeowner fired shots at two people attempting to break into his house Wednesday on Brier Street S.E., police said.

Kyran Adkins, 17, 2456 Milton St., Warren, died at St. Joseph Health Center from gunshot wounds, a police report states.

The only description they had of the second person was of his clothing, but officers found the clothes discarded in the nearby woods area, the report states.

Police said Wednesday afternoon that they believed the homeowner, Gregory Emerson, 32, of Burton Street, was trying to defend himself. Police plan to question him some more, but they did not expect to file any immediate charges against him, according to Warren police Capt. Robert Massucci, who was at the 2248 Brier St. S.E. scene.

Emerson told police he was inside his unoccupied house when he heard a banging noise at the rear of the house. As he went to investigate, the noises continued. After the third time, Emerson said he went to the door with his gun in hand.

When he opened the door, a male wearing a red jacket with a gray hood stood there holding a gun. Emerson said he was startled once he saw the gun, so he fired, the police report states.

There was another man standing behind the house, but Emerson said he did not get a good look at him. He identified the second person as wearing a navy blue jacket.

Both men ran north toward Wick Street. Some accounts claim that Emerson kept firing after the pair turned and ran, but the initial police report states that Emerson only fired while being confronted.

The shooting set off an intense manhunt involving an Ohio State Highway Patrol airplane, a K-9 unit, police officers and sheriff’s deputies. At least two probation officers were at the scene as law enforcement scoured the area extending from the Brier Street house to nearby properties.

A K-9 unit searched the area around John F. Kennedy High School, which, along with Warren’s Willard K-8 school was put on lockdown for about an hour.

Police officers could be seen searching and marking the driveway next to the house as the police airplane circled above. They found several shell casings on the ground. Investigators also went inside the house and spoke to several people at the scene.

A second team of police officers simultaneously focused their search at 2297 Wick St., S.E., where reports state that Adkins collapsed, and the area surrounding it.

Neighbor Joe Yafanaro said he was asleep around noon Wednesday when he heard “bang, bang, bang.” The Warren man soon joined neighbors who poured from their homes to find out what had happened at the house at 2248 Brier St. S.E.

“It was like these bangs and taps or pops. Seven of them I think. But I looked out and I didn’t see anything. Next thing you knew, there were cops all over the place and a plane flying overhead,” said Yafanaro, who lives a few doors down.

Massucci said he did not know how many shots had been fired. He said initially there had been some confusion because police had received reports that there had been gunshots with a man down. Later calls indicated two men had been seen running through yards in the area of Brier and Wick streets.

“We got one call and then another and it was a matter of piecing it together and realizing the calls were related to the same incident,” Massucci said.

One woman, who only wanted her first name, Melinda, to be published, said she has never worried about the safety of the neighborhood on the city’s southeast side where her children live.

“We go up and down here, riding bikes, spending time outside all the time. I’ve never worried about anything here. You hear people say, when something like this happens, how quiet it usually is in their neighborhood. But it’s true in this case. It really is quiet here. We really haven’t seen a lot of trouble. It’s a shame. It really is a shame something like this would happen.”

Raymond L. Smith contributed to this report.