Arson suspected in fire

WARREN – Crews responded to a suspicious fire Tuesday afternoon at 827 Comstock St. N.W., where a neighbor said she saw a man breaking windows earlier in the day.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a total loss, but it’s pretty close,” fire department investigator David VanDevender said about the 4:20 p.m. blaze.

VanDevender said a mattress was involved in the fire, but the cause is still being investigated.

“It was out within minutes of our arrival,” he said.

No injuries were reported. No one was in the home, owned by Clint Tynes Jr., at the time, and the household dogs were tied up outside, VanDevender said. The resident works during the day.

Smoke was reported coming from the rear of the house where earlier, neighbor Jami Grimm, 32, said she saw a man breaking windows.

“I heard breaking glass and I saw a white guy busting out windows,” Grimm said Tuesday evening. ”I just moved here, so I thought maybe they were working on something.”

Grimm lives two houses down. She said a while later, a couple of men walking down the street told her there was smoke coming from the house.

“I wish I would have yelled at him or something,” she said. ”Maybe he would have quit.”