YSU gallery named for donor

The art gallery in Bliss Hall on the campus of Youngstown State University will soon be named after the family member of a generous donor.

Vienna residents Martin and Susan Solomon made what is being called ”a major donation” to the College of Creative Arts and Communication, the university announced during a news conference on Monday.

The Solomons asked that the exact amount not be included in a news release. YSU did not reveal the amount.

The gallery will be named after Martin Solomon’s sister, Judith Rae Solomon, who first learned about the naming during the news conference.

Judith Solomon, a Youngstown native, is a graduate of The Rayen School and Ohio State University. She serves on the advisory boards of the Warren Philharmonic and YSU’s McDonough Museum of Art

The Solomons’ gift will also be used for the gallery’s physical improvements and maintenance as well as to establish an endowment for programming.

“I want to thank the Solomons for their continued support of YSU and our students, and particularly for this gift that will allow this gallery to continue to thrive,” said interim YSU President Ikram Khawaja.

Monday’s announcement follows a history of donations to the college by Martin Solomon.

Solomon, a principal officer with P&S Equities, also has provided donations for projects that include the building of the Andrews Student Recreation Wellness Center, the Williamson College of Business Administration and the Watson and Tressel Training Site. The Solomons also have donated several works of art, including a painting and an outdoor sculpture.

“This generous gift is yet another indication of the Solomons’ devotion to the arts and to our college,” said Bryan DePoy, CCAC dean. “This gallery has become an important exhibition space for the university, as well as the community. This donation ensures our continuing ability to provide a professional gallery experience in Bliss Hall.”