Warren Eagle Scout receives high honor

CORTLAND – A prominent Warren attorney has been awarded one of the highest honors by the Boy Scouts of America Greater Western Reserve Council.

Ned C. Gold Jr. and his wife, Debbie, smiled after he was presented with the Outstanding Eagle Scout Award on Saturday at Lakeview High School.

The award is a prestigious recognition granted only to Eagle Scouts who have devoted their lifetime to making a positive and lasting effect on their communities.

Gold said although he is honored and humbled, he didn’t expect to receive the award.

“There’s so many that are more deserving and they are here today,” he said.

Steve Stefanko, Selection Chair, said a humble spirit is something that sets the recipients apart.

“These are people who don’t do it for the medals, they don’t do it for the ribbons – they do it for the kids,” he said.

Gold joined the Scouts when he was 8 years old and had attained Eagle Scout by the time he was 13 years old.

“When you get your Eagle Award, you truly don’t understand the full meaning of the word,” he said, adding that that to truly realize what it means, you have to understand two things: that it is both an honor and a burden.

“It’s a burden because whenever you make a mistake or screw up, they will say, ‘and he is an Eagle Scout,'” he explained. “But, it is also said when a person does good. So it is something you carry all of your life.”

During the ceremony, others also were recognized for their dedication to the community. Among those receiving the Silver Beaver Award were Dr. Jeff Sutton, assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 28; registered adult volunteer Tim Kneen; Council Board of Directors member Richard Jugenheimer of Hubbard; and Mark Fogarty, a supporter of Boy Scout Troop 102 and Cub Scout Troop 102.

The Silver Beaver Award is hung on a blue-and-white ribbon “tightly knit” to support the weight of the beaver. The colors signify a faithful character and straight-forward conduct and honor. The beaver is symbolic of someone who works with others and the silver is used in many other Scout awards.

The resignation of Charles Bower also was accepted, but not without first commending him on his ability to reach out to touch the lives of thousands of children.

Receiving the William T. Hornaday Badge was Cory Winebold. Christian Zaverl was recognized for saving the life of a friend by remembering first aid skills they both learned as Scouts.

Popcorn sales for 2013 were reported at a 7 percent increase from 2012, with more than $30,000 in sales from seven local Scouts.