St. Patrick’s gets visit from COSI

HUBBARD – Instead of learning from textbooks, students at St. Patrick School in Hubbard on Tuesday were presented with information in a fun way.

Representatives from the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus spent some time engaging with students in kindergarten through eighth grade in an interactive learning experience called “The Human Body.”

“I think it’s great. The kids are really into it. I was really surprised, even the big kids like it,” said Tammy Lindholm, whose daughters were enjoying a presentation called “The Human Machine.”

Kids had a chance to experience the duties of the brain, play a game of telephone and see how to make their hearts beat a little faster.

COSI outreach educator Juney Shober took the lead in the presentation, engaging the children with various activities and inviting them to perform special tasks while they were learning.

Shober said his ultimate goal is to get the students to think that learning and fun are the same. He admitted that as a child, he didn’t always think learning was fun.

“I enjoyed science a lot as a kid. I didn’t really have anything like this where I grew up,” he said. “Science is easy to make fun because you can explode things and smash things together, look at scabs under a microscope, all kinds of fun stuff. Sometimes I’m kind of goofy and I enjoy doing it, but sometimes they don’t really react as well to that. A lot of the stuff is fun no matter what age you are. They just have to get past trying to be cool and just have fun.”

Joey Yesh, a first-grader, said he had a lot of fun playing the role of a communicator in the telephone game where a message is conveyed from person to person.

“It was ‘pull the plug behind you,'” he said, but the last person repeated the message as, “There’s a bug behind you.”

Yesh took credit for the miscommunication, saying, “I just said it wrong.”