Report: Girl, 13, punches teacher


Tribune Chronicle

WARREN – A 13-year-old student punched a gym teacher in the face following a fight between classmates.

The girl swung her fist at teacher Lisa Donaldson, striking the teacher in the left side of her face, causing a “fat lip and cut on her chin,” the report states.

Donaldson told police she had separated several girls in her class who had been involved in the argument Monday afternoon at the Jefferson K-8 building.

Donaldson told police she was writing up paperwork to send the girls out of the class and to the discipline room when the verbal arguing started again. She said she attempted to remove the 13-year-old girl “who was the most agitated and wouldn’t calm down,” a Warren police report states.

According to the report, the girl was upset because she believed other girls were talking about her.

She was also upset with the teacher for trying to remove her from class, the report said.

Police said they planned to consult with the juvenile prosecutor to determine whether to charge the student with assault. The girl was released to her mother, who had been called to the school.

On Wednesday, Warren Superintendent Michael Notar said that per school board policy, the district is recommending a 10-day suspension for the student and a hearing will be scheduled to determine whether she will be expelled.

“Right now, it is in the hands of the police whether to decide whether they will prosecute. But how the district addresses a matter like this is a separate issue. But we should know by the time the district goes through our process whether the police plan to prosecute,” Notar said.

Notar said Donaldson is off work and he was not sure when she will return.