Police report bear sightings

Black bears have been spotted in in the area, according to area police departments.

Residents of Waugh Drive in Hubbard reported seeing a bear this week, and Trumbull County 911 confirmed Friday that there have been several sightings in Hubbard and at least one in Champion recently.

The Hubbard Police Department reported on its Facebook page that a bear was sighted in the area of Bedford Road earlier this week.

The post tells residents, “We are entering that time of year where black bear sightings will be on the rise as the young bears will seek out new territory to claim.”

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources reported that the black bear population is increasing.

Police advised that residents can help prevent interactions between bears and pets by keeping trash cans secure, grills in the garage or shed and not leaving bird or squirrel food out.

According to information provided on the ODNR website:

l The black bear is native to Ohio and on the state’s endangered species list.

l All black bears in Ohio are protected by state law.

l Black bears are usually fearful of people. They do not attack or kill children or pets as long as the bear is given its space and not cornered. Black bears can be enjoyed from a distance.

l People should remain calm if they see a bear, and they should not approach it.

l To report observations of black bears, contact the local county wildlife officer, district wildlife office or call 800-WILDLIFE (945-3543).