Off-duty police officer scraps with suspect

WARREN – An off-duty police officer got into a scuffle during a traffic stop as the officer attempted to search the driver of a Green GMC Jimmy that ran a stop sign at the corner of Dunstan N.W.

Officer Adam Huffman received several scrapes on his arms and forehead at about 5:32 p.m. Monday, when he stopped Kwan R. Frost, 1214 Main Ave., and was attempting to make an arrest for running the stop sign and driving with a suspended license.

Huffman was on an approved uniform off-duty side job at the River Run apartment complex. He stopped the vehicle at the intersection of Mahoning Avenue N.W. at Post N.W.

It was during a personal search of Frost, 35, that Huffman had to repeatedly command the suspect to stop moving. At one point, as Huffman attempted to place handcuffs on him, Frost wrapped his right arm around Huffman’s head and the two men went to the ground.

A crowd of people watched the two men as Huffman struggled to gain complete control of Frost. Huffman attempted to hit Frost several times with his baton, but the suspect continued to struggle. A second officer arrived on the scene, assisting in the arrest of Frost.

During his search, Huffman discovered several pink pills in Frost’s pocket.

They are to be sent to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation for analysis.

Frost is facing charges of felonious assault, resisting arrest, and drug possession.