Masked gunmen hit store

WARREN – City police on Wednesday continued to look for masked gunmen with a penchant for cigars who robbed the Quick Stop Food Store late Tuesday.

Carol Hoffman, an employee at the store at 2040 North Road, told police she was behind the counter counting out the cash registers for the night deposit when two males wearing dark hoodies and bandannas over the faces walked into the store. Both also wore gloves.

Hoffman and her husband, Larry Hoffman, who was also at the store, told the pair to take off their hoods and masks because they were not allowed to wear them inside the store, a Warren police report states.

Carol Hoffman told police one of the robbers told her to give him the money in the cash register. She struggled to get the cash register open because she was afraid. She said the robber then pointed a silver handgun at her and continued to tell her to give him all of the money, the report states.

Carol Hoffman told police she gave the gunman all of the cash out of the register, which had approximately $300.

Larry Hoffman told police that meanwhile, the other robber grabbed all of the Black and Mild Cigars.

He stated that he was ordered to hand over all of the cash in the register that he was standing by, but he also stumbled to get the drawer open because he was afraid. He said one of the robbers then told him to give him all of the money or he would be shot.

He told police he handed over all of the money in that cash register, which had about $250.

The couple told police the assailants ran out of the building and disappeared.

Carol Hoffman told police the store owner would be able to access the surveillance tapes and make copies Wednesday morning.

No injuries were reported. Police said the investigation is ongoing.

Last week, city police reported that the Convenient Food Mart, 1409 Elm Road, had been robbed at gunpoint early Thursday morning. Reports state that the assailants made off with an unspecified amount of money and Black and Mild Cigars.