Man found badly beaten

AUSTINTOWN – As township resident Skip Dunn began preparing to turn in for the night just before 11 p.m. Wednesday, a bright flash of lights illuminated his North Main Street home. It was not until his second peek through the shades that Dunn saw why a police car sat in front of his home.

“I noticed a guy laying on his back right in our front yard,” Dunn said Thursday evening. “He was just laying there, and police were standing around him.”

Investigators have not released the identity of the bloodied and beaten man lying in the lawn at 302 N. Main St. Dunn said he did not recognize the individual on sight and wasn’t sure if he was a neighbor.

“I have no idea if he lived in this area or if he was dropped here,” Dunn said.

While the circumstances surrounding the man’s identity remained unclear, several neighbors confirmed that evidence existed showing the assault may have happened elsewhere. Reports state that a trail of blood was found outside a house, in a back alley and about a 100-foot radius around the victim’s body.

“We did hear that they found a trail of blood leading to another driveway,” Dunn said. “But we really don’t know anything for certain.”

Reports state that the man was unconscious when emergency crews arrived. He was taken to St. Elizabeth Health Center in Youngstown.

Police blocked traffic onto North Main Street until early Thursday morning.

“The police were actually out there looking for something from until about 2 in the morning,” Dunn said. “They put caution tape across this whole area, this whole area, here.”

Neighbors said the street just off Four Mile Run Road in on the northeast side of the township is generally quiet, which made the circumstances surrounding the beating even more peculiar.

“Yes, it’s a pretty safe area,” resident Bill Bowden said. “We don’t have these kinds of problems too often.”

As of Thursday night no arrests had been made. Police have released very little information, and said the investigation is ongoing.