Lincoln student ‘serious threat,’ police report says

A student at Lincoln K-8 may face expulsion after police responded to reports of his out-of-control behavior.

The officer’s note in the narrative supplement of the police report states that the student is “a serious threat to the other students, staff and anyone in the area of his violent tirades and outbursts, which have carried over from the beginning of the school year.”

The student has been informed of an expulsion hearing and advised not to be on school property until further notice.

A message left for city schools Superintendent Michael Notar was not returned Friday.

On Wednesday, Warren police were called to the school about 2 p.m. on reports that the student became irate after being told by the principal that he was being suspended. He threw chairs, swore and knocked items off desks. He also took paperwork out of the principal’s hands, tore it up and threw it. He then took a phone off the wall and threw it, as well, the report states.

When approached by an officer, the student taunted him, stating that he wasn’t going anywhere and warning him not to touch him.

“He continually made threats to myself and the staff, and that he wasn’t going to do anything he was asked,” the police report states.

The principal evacuated K-2 students and other parents away from the area for their safety, according to the report.

Warren police will consult the prosecutor as to the filing of charges, noting that the student has 25 prior behavioral incidents, according to the report.