Groups help clean up neighborhoods

WARREN – Two neighborhood associations helped clean up the city Saturday morning by sending volunteers into their areas to pick up trash, leaves, tires and other debris.

“We worked along the bike trail between Elm Road and Market Street,” said Janet Hazlette, a member of Northeast Neighborhood Association. “We also picked up trash and tires along the railroad tracks.”

Members of the Central City Neighborhood Association also were out early Saturday, picking up trash and generally attempting to make the city look better.

Taron Cunningham, a member of Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership, worked with both groups.

“We had good weather, and we had a good time,” Cunningham said. “It was hard work. We picked up a good amount of trash, nearly a dozen tires.”

Cunningham said they cleaned some to the garden beds on Vine Avenue and Washington Street.

Hazlette said about seven people showed up for her neighborhood association clean up.

“This is part of the annual Great American Clean Up,” she said. “We and other neighborhood groups received cleaning materials from the Solid Waste District. It is good that they are doing this.”

Hazlette said they were out for about 1 1/2 hours before running out of bags.

“We pretty much got everything that was in the area,” Hazlette said.

Joan Sullivan, acting president of the Central City Neighborhood Association, estimates that about 10 volunteers came out to pick up around Washington Street and to work on the garden located on the corner of Mercer Avenue and Washington.

“We turned over a lot of garden beds to get them ready for planting,” Sullivan said. “This was the first major cleanup for the season.”

Sullivan described trying to do a clean up about once a month.

“We get a lot of trash from people dropping items after they leave one of the corner stores,” he said. “We’re excited for the growing seasons.”