Girard OKs water project

GIRARD – City Council approved Monday evening legislation that will improve the water situation for residents who live near Churchill Road and Belmont Avenue.

Council gave the OK for the city to go forward with a water line improvement project that will greatly improve water pressure for residents and businesses surrounding the Belmont Avenue corridor in Liberty.

According to Girard Service Director Jerry Lambert, Kirila Contractors was awarded the winning bid of less than $32,000.

The plan, Lambert said, is to connect the Trumbull County Sanitary Engineer line on the northside of Churchill Road to the Girard line on the southside of Churchill. The new line, which Lambert estimates could take less than a month to complete, will rectify a long-standing complaint for area residents.

“We’re bringing in water (from Trumbull County) to increase the pressure so that it’s much higher than it has been now,” Lambert. “If there’s an issue with the water pressure in the future, it’s not going to be because of this pipe.”

The issue of low water pressure came to a head recently when Belmont Avenue businesses including Hampton Inn and Belmont Pines were hit with unacceptably low pressure.

“The water pressure at sites like Belmont Pines were not passing standards,” said Liberty Township Administrator Pat Ungaro.

According to Ungaro, the Hampton Inn was forced to reimburse guests and make accommodations for them at other area hotels.

“There were water pressure problems, or even no water on some occasions,” Ungaro said. “When that happens, people have to leave and go to other hotels. When those businesses lose money, that is an issue for Belmont Avenue.”

With the future addition of a 86-unit Comfort Suites hotel on Belmont Avenue, as well as future business development, Girard Mayor James Melfi said the time is now to ensure the city to correct the problem.

“This area is in our water district and is our responsibility … This waterline will improve and increase water pressure to not only the new hotel but the surrounding businesses,” Melfi said.