BBQ set to silence horn squabble

HUBBARD – A newsmagazine producer said he does not expect a barbecue to lead to a resolution this weekend, but he hopes that city residents can begin a discussion regarding ongoing honking harassment.

ABC News’ “20/20” will return to host a “Peace and Reconciliation” barbecue from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday at Chestnut Ridge park, 6486 Chestnut Ridge Road, in Hubbard Township.

ABC News Producer Andrew Paparella was in town along with reporter Paula Faris last week to interview citizens and city officials regarding the case for a piece that Paparella said is scheduled to air at 10 p.m. May 2.

Garrick Krlich and his wife, Cindy, say they are the victims of horn-honking harassment stemming from a real estate dispute between the Krlichs and John Clemente, the retired chief of the Eagle Joint Fire District, which serves Hubbard and Hubbard Township. It’s been going on for years.

“The sense we got from people there was they’re all kind of stumped about how to stop this problem or what to do about it,” Paparella said. “It seems like everybody wants to find a solution, but no one knows what to do.”

Paparella’s solution was to host the barbecue, which he acknowledged is just a possible first step toward resolution.

“No one thinks we’ll solve this in an afternoon,” Paparella said. “But we do hope that maybe people will talk and think about it, and maybe it’s the beginning of some kind of process where there’s some reconciliation and peace.”

A professional mediator will be brought to the barbecue and Paparella said he hopes she can educate the residents on possible ways to solve the dispute.

“We have a person in mind for this who is a retired federal judge and a professional mediator, and we think she would be there to help people understand what mediation is and how it might work in this situation,” Paparella.

“We understand you can’t have a mass mediation, but this person can hopefully answer questions and help people understand (the mediation process) and how it works.”

Hubbard Mayor John Darko was interviewed last week by Paparella’s crew, and while he was not in office at the time of the dispute, he expressed his regret over it becoming national news.

“This is Andrew’s party and they’re going to try to bring everyone to the table,” Darko said. “What I regret as mayor is that I don’t want this situation to be the thing our city is being portrayed as being about.”

Krilich and Clemente could not be reached for comment.