Trustees OK pipe placement

BROOKFIELD – Trustees here have OK’d placing a Halcon Resources pipe on township property in exchange for $10,000 from the drilling company.

“It’s just a continuation of a pipe headed farther south, maybe to Kentucky,” said trustee Dion Magestro. “There hasn’t been any controversy since it doesn’t affect the value or use of the property.”

The pipe, about 400 feet long, will be put on the far west side of the property where the administration building sits now, which is just off state Route 82.

Trustee Gary Lees said the pipe is a “reassurance” that Halcon still sees promise in the area for the future. Trustee Ron Haun was absent from the meeting Wednesday with Halcon and is expected to sign off on the agreement at a later date.

The company will also need to create an access road to the area.

Brookfield is among several Trumbull County communities that were given proposals by the driller for what is expected to be a 14-mile long pipeline stretching from Vienna to Lordstown.

In December, Niles City Council agreed to a similar pipe installation on about 60 feet of land near Salt Springs Road along the Niles Greenway Bike Path. The Niles agreement allows the pipe to carry “oil, condensate, gas, water or any other material or substance that can be transported through pipelines.”