Open house to address deer hunters

BROOKFIELD – State Rep. Sean J. O’Brien, D-Brookfield, is co-sponsoring a free Deer Hunter’s Open House with Whitetails Unlimited and the Trumbull County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs. The event starts at 6 p.m. today at Yankee Lake Ballroom in Brookfield.

“Deer hunting is very important not just for the traditions of Ohioans and their families but also for our economy,” said O’Brien. “This forum is a great opportunity for hunters who pay for licenses and manage the herd through their sport, and the state ODNR officials who dictate the seasons and regulate the laws, to all come together and share thoughts, concerns and experiences.”

Modifications to past deer seasons have caused concern with local conservationists and sportsmen. The changes and uncertainty that accompanies them has previously affected the local economy. According to Dennis Malloy, regional director for Whitetails Unlimited, “The Ohio deer harvest was down 20 percent over last year’s harvest. This causes a slowdown in the local economy as taxidermists, processors and sporting goods outlets see a decrease in hunting-related business.”

Sportsmen organizations and leaders across the state have asked for answers and clarification to questions regarding the process of season regulation changes, future plans for deer in Ohio, results of the elimination of the check in stations, loss of late gun seasons and success of early traditional seasons.