On the record


WHAT: Howland Board of Education regular meeting on Monday

PRESENT: Warner Bacak, Matt Darrin, Ken Jones, Scott Lehman and Barbara Wright

The board:

l Approved the following donations: 28 art history books from Pat Reese to the high school library, and $50 from the Dunlop Club to the Athletic Department;

l Issued supplemental contracts to Anjanette DePoy for elementary education musical productions at Mines and North Road for the 2013-14 school year;

l Reinstated and issued a two-year limited contract to Diane Noble for the classified position of three-hour educational assistant at North Road;

l Employed Michael Pappas and Alicia Seng as permanent substitute teachers for the remainder of the 2013-14 school year at a daily rate of $90;

l Approved a motion to non-renew six permanent substitute positions and four long-term substitute teaching positions for the 2014-15 school year;

l Approved a motion to non-renew Title I non-public JFK Lower Campus certified tutor positions of Jerome Gentile and Michelle Polando for the 2014-15 school year;

l Approved a motion to non-renew the one- and two-year limited contracts of six kindergarten bus drivers, one midday A-Tech bus driver and two educational assistants for the 2014-15 school year;

l Suspended continuing contracts for nine classified educational assistants for the 2014-15 school year;

l Approved Michelle Goehring as a classified substitute secretary for the 2013-14 school year;

l Established commencement exercises for the Howland High School graduating class of 2015 for 7 p.m. June 3 at Packard Music Hall, Warren;

l Approved June 5, 8, 9, 10 and 11 of 2015 as five additional student make-up days for the 2014-15 school year;

l Authorized the superintendent to enter into an agreement with Northeast Ohio Management Information Network for Internet access to support wireless devices at Howland High School;

l Set the next board meeting for 6:30 p.m. April 28 in the middle school media center.

– Bonnie L. Hazen


What: Jackson-Milton Board of Education regular meeting on Thursday

Present: Victor Wolfe, Jeffrey Tharp, Mitch Mascioli, Kim Gross and Michele Catania

The board:

l Approved the one-time higher payment amounts for Feb. 19 and 25 tournament games, reimbursed by the Northeast District Athletic Board: $75 for clock and for ticket takers, and $100 for tournament director;

l Approved a reimbursement payment of $1,400 for MS Consultants for utility underground electrical services for the new track;

l Accepted the following donations: $1,250 from JM Gridiron to the Athletic Department; $50 from Doug and Angela Cameron to High School Service Learning Project; and $75 from Alcyon Wealth Partners to High School Learning Project;

l Approved the use of a “blanket” purchase order not to exceed $50,000 specific to a line item appropriation account;

l Accepted the retirement of elementary school principal Joseph DiLoreto, effective June 30;

l Accepted the resignation of bus aide Heather Kilbourne, contingent upon being hired as a full-time bus driver and approved a one-year contract effective March 31;

l Approved extra-curricular contracts for Bill Corbett, assistant baseball, and David Snowden, assistant softball;

l Approved the non-renewal of 24 supplemental contracts for the 2014-15 school year;

l Approved Lillian Peplow, Sam Moffie and Claire Ferrando as substitute teachers;

l Accepted the retirement of certified staff member Joseph Damore;

– Bonnie L. Hazen



What: Warren City Council regular meeting Wednesday

Present: Council members Larry Larson, Alford Novak, John Brown Jr., Greg Bartholomew, Vince Flask, Cheryl Saffold, Eddie Colbert, Jim Valesky, Dan Sferra, Helen Rucker, and Council president James Graham.


l Approved advertising for bids to sell or lease the former Public Defender’s Office, 328 Mahoning Ave. N.W.;

l Approved advertising for bids to sell or lease 418 South Main St. S.W.;

l Approved giving the administration the authority to sell a property on Millard Street.

– Raymond L. Smith

Newton Township

What: Newton Township trustees regular meeting on Wednesday

Present: Greg Dubos, Doreen Lutz and Robert Page


l Set the regular meetings for the remainder of the year for April 21, May 19, June 30, July 30, Aug. 25, Sept. 22, Oct. 28, Nov. 17 and Dec. 15;

l Approved a sexual harassment and unwanted conduct policy.

– Margaret Thompson


What: Howland Township trustees regular meeting on Wednesday

Present: Matthew Vansuch and Dr. James Lapolla

Absent: Rick Clark


l Accepted the resignation of Karen Bungo, part-time administrative assistant for the EMS Training Center, effective May 31;

l Approved a loan agreement with Farmers National Bank for the purchase of a 2014 Ford Express Emergency Vehicle for $93,249 at 2.75 percent fixed-interest per annum, payable in 10 payments. The ambulance will be paid out of the general fund fire tools and equipment appropriations.

– Margaret Thompson

Warren Township

WHAT: Warren Township trustees meeting on Tuesday

PRESENT: Kay Anderson, Terry Ambrose and Bob Bush


l Took the first step to placing a renewal of the 1.5-mill police operating levy on the November general election ballot. The county auditor will certify the amount to be raised by the levy before trustees give a final vote for official placement on the ballot. Trustees said with a renewal there is no increase in taxes;

l Approved a special assessment for street lighting on Gilmore and Riverview avenues as trustees and Ohio Edison entered into an agreement. Residents petitioned for the street lighting. The cost of the 10-year agreement is $110.56 per year, with the cost of $9.58 per year for usage to be assessed against the lots and lands within the district;

l Hired David Testa as the parks and grounds caretaker at $950 per month. The position ends Oct. 15. Hired Edward Roman as cemetery and grounds caretaker at $10 per hour for 28 weeks, effective April 15. Both positions are seasonal and part-time;

l Approved the K-9 policy for the police department for uses of the new police dog, Mia;

l Set new increased cemetery rates for plots at $200, weekday opening at $400, and weekend opening at $550, effective April 1;

l Approved a medical leave of absence for Jayna Vilsack from the EMS department through June 1;

l Hired Craig Criddle and Christopher Armstrong as full-time road workers;

l Accepted the resignation of Donald Hoffman from the road department.

– Bob Coupland


What: Girard Board of Education regular meeting on Wednesday

Present: Diane Alejars, Cheryl Asente, Pete Cardiero, Joe Melfi and Richard Rees

The board:

l Approved blizzard bags for students at the high school and junior high to make up one calamity day rather adding a school day over Easter break. Officials said the high school and junior high only went over the allotted five calamity days this year because of a gas odor at the building. The elementary and intermediate schools used the allotted five calamity days and do not have to make up any days. Students will have two weeks from the date of the assignments to turn in work;

l Named Patrick Pearson as the head football coach on a two-year contract at $7,191; Harry Leath as head boys and girls soccer coach at $7,908; and David Leo and John Norman as co-head golf coaches at $1,23 each;

l Re-employed on two-year contracts high school Assistant Principal William Christofil; special education director Dianne Kosco; technology coordinator John Bello; technology specialist Tony Simeone, and maintenance / custodian supervisor Sam Buonavolonta, all from Aug. 1 through July 31, 2016;

– Bob Coupland



WHAT: Board of Education regular meeting on Monday

PRESENT: Donald Newell, Martin Franko, Tony Pantone Jr. and Rocky Adams

ABSENT: Linda Silvidi

The board:

Accepted the amounts and rates of taxes as determined by the Budget Commission at 5.10 mills inside and 53.50 mills outside the 10-mill limitation for a total of 58.60 mills, and certified a copy of the resolution to the county auditor;

Recognized the following funds as dormant and advised the treasurer to transfer the remaining balances to the General Fund: Student Activity Fund, $1,663; MS Class Funds, 1,175; Speech Team, $45; FHA, $123; OWE, $60; Read Across America, $1,363; and Hero Club, $270;

Accepted the following donations to the Hubbard Pool: $2,000 from Hubbard Pool Boosters and $1,370 from Hubbard varsity swim boosters;

Approved Gloria McIntee and Jennifer L. Gasser as certified substitutes for the 2013-14 school year;

Approved educational aides Mona Jones and Laura Stoneburner as classified substitutes for the 2013-14 school year;

Approved supplemental duties for the 2013-14 school year to cover the days when the high school assistant principal is not in attendance. The assignment will be “as needed” as set by the high school principal;

Accepted the resignation of receptionist / water instructor Jennifer Ring;

Approved Darla Evans as Hubbard Community Pool part-time receptionist and Aaron Wirtz as Hubbard Community Pool safety instructor, both at $8 per hour;

Approved Jeanne Alexander and Helene Jordan as GAP teachers and Evelyn Woods and Linda Congemi as GAP substitutes;

Approved the following coach positions for the 2014-15 school year: Abigail Cook, head girls golf; Mitchell Hammond, head boys golf; Scott MacMillan, head girls soccer; Tammy Manzo, JV girls soccer; and Steve Puncekar, volunteer, girls soccer;

Accepted the resignation of JV volleyball coach Evelyn Woods;

Approved the following assistant football coaches: Jon Mosora, John McElhaney, John W. Schiraldi, Frank Mazzocca, Tim Taafe, Dennis Parise and Sam Bellino, and volunteers Ron Fox, Ken Bencetic, Joe Marando, Marcus Coonce and Tim Schiraldi; freshman, Tim Schiraldi and George Taylor; middle school, Rick Resatar, Dan Jones and Mike Tobey; and equipment manager Tim Schiraldi;

Approved a leave of absence for Shannon Berkebile;

Approved 30 NEOLA policies as submitted;

Approved five extended days for school nurse Luann Eger;

Approved board member participation for health insurance, with coverage only permissable if the member pays 100 percent of the premium cost.

– Bonnie L. Hazen


WHAT: Liberty Board of Education regular meeting on Monday

PRESENT: Diana DeVito, Faustino, James Jones Jr., Gloria Lang and David Malone

The board:

Set the next board meeting date for April 28;

Approved a two-year contract for Anthony Daniels, coordinator of technology; a three-year contract for Melissa Menning, EMIS coordinator; a three-year contract for Judd Rubin, W.S. Guy principal; and three-year contract for Michael Palmer, E.J. Blott principal;

Approved parental leave for Lindsay Thomas;

Accepted the resignation of E.J. Blott School mentor Russ Hake and appointed Heather Vicola for the remainder of the 2013-14 school year;

Approved Yuvonka McKinney as a substitute nurse for the 2013-14 school year;

Approved James Toto as substitute custodian and Debbie Oliver as substitute custodian / cafeteria worker at $7.95 per hour on an as-needed basis;

Accepted a $500 scholarship donation from Medical Mutual of Ohio to a LHS senior;

Approved the following field trips: grades 3 and 4 for YSU school day baseball game on May 9; kindergarten to Ford Nature Center on May 12 and 19; grade 4 to Hubbard Swimming Pool for lessons in May; kindergarten to the Skate Zone in Austintown on June 3; grades 3 and 4 to the Skate Zone on June 4; grade 1 to Akron Zoo on June 3; and grade 1 to Churchill Park for Earth Day on April 22;

Distributed four new and 12 revised policies for approval during the April 28 board meeting.

– Bonnie L. Hazen


WHAT: City Council meeting on Monday

PRESENT: Reynald Palone, Steve Brooks, Larry Steiner, George Eicher, Thomas Grumley, Joseph Shelby, John Moliterno, Louis Adovasio


Read for second time an ordinance authorizing the service director to enter into a pipeline right of way agreement with Halcon Field Services L.L.C.;

Approved the filing of an application for a cooperative boating facility grant with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Colin Harris


WHAT: Board of Education regular meeting on Wednesday

PRESENT: Bruce Bacak, Cheryl Basista, Joshua Garris, Robert Palmer and Tracey Thomas

The board:

Commended the following students: Brianna Kester, 1st place, 2014 Business Professional of America; Andrew Ragan, 2014 Middle School Spelling Bee winner; Cameron Watkins, 2014 Middle School Spelling Bee runner-up; and Jackson Lambert, 2014 Elementary Spelling Bee winner;

Hired the following supplemental coach positions for the 2013-14 school year: Andrew Aspisa, assistant varsity track; Jennifer Stith, assistant varsity track; Erin Rogers, assistant varsity track; Heather Ault, Courtney Skiba, Amber Cross, Jon Lomax and Gary W. Wiggins, assistant 7th / 8th grade track; and Breanna Alleman, assistant varsity softball;

Non-renewed 21 supplemental positions for the 2013-14 school year, including five boys basketball, five girls basketball, one bowling, one weightlifting, two marching band / pep band, four cheerleading and three volunteer positions;

Hired Jeff Whittaker as head varsity football coach and Claire Ferrando as head varsity volleyball coach for the 2014-15 school year;

Approved the following building use permits: football field and MRHS on April 12 for the FOP Easter Egg Hunt; elementary multi-purpose room on March 12 for Home & School meetings and March 28 for the Home and School Father Daughter Dance; and elementary school on May 9 for the Home and School Fair;

Approved a field trip for four junior high / high school students to attend a Phantoms hockey game at the Covelli Center on March 21;

Accepted the amounts and rates of taxes as determined by the Budget Commission at 6.0 mills inside and 56.65 mills outside the 10-mill limitation for a total of 62.65 mills and certified a copy of the resolution to the County Auditor;

Approved a Certificate of Amended Resources FY14 and Amended Appropriations FY14, as previously distributed.

– Bonnie L. Hazen

On the record


WHAT: Brookfield Board of Education regular meeting on Wednesday

PRESENT: Gwen Martino, Ronda Bonekovic and Tim Filipovich

ABSENT: Kelly Bianco and Ron Brennan

The board:

Reported Key Warrior Awards to wrestlers Zachary Hackett and Zachary Jamieson;

Agreed to advertise for bids for the cooperative purchase of five school bus chassis and bodies;

Approved the employment of the following elementary and middle school tutors at a daily rate of $74, Cynthia Bodnar, Jessica File and Jennifer Kopanic;

Accepted the retirement resignation of elementary teacher Jeanne Costanza, effective June 1;

Accepted the retirement resignation of elementary teacher Sylvia Rakyta, effective June 1;

Approved the following supplemental contracts for the 2014-15 school year: Lynn Pegg, varsity cheerleading adviser, $1,844; Bob Rodgers, head cross country, $2,304; Randy Clark, head football, $5,838; Collin Dotson, assistant football, $1,537; Toby Gibson, assistant football, $3,687; Shawn Hammond, assistant football, $3,380; John Klein, volunteer, assistant football; George Kurpe, assistant football, $3,687; Bo Reichart, assistant football, $3,380; Bill Sham, assistant football, $2,765; Larry Smoot, head golf, $1,997; Kevin Boyd, head tennis, $2,304; Bob Wolfe, volunteer, assistant track; Bob Calvin, head volleyball, $5,838; and Randy Clark, weightlifting, $1,997;

Approved a senior class trip to Kings Island from May 8 to 10 at a cost of $200 per student;

Set the next regular board meeting for 6 p.m. April 16.

– Bonnie L. Hazen


WHAT: Lordstown Board of Education regular meeting on Wednesday

PRESENT: Roberta Hiller, Ron Tyndall, Tracie Allen, William Catlin and Sandra McBride

The board:

Approved supplemental contracts for the following coach positions: Jessica Reinke, junior high girls track, $3,088; Keith Cullison, head boys tennis, $3,088; Roby Lee, volunteer, assistant baseball; Matthew McKinney, head boys soccer, $3,563; Dan Urchek, girls varsity volleyball, $3,563; Jeanann Applegate, assistant varsity volleyball, $2,375; and Cierra Kitts, junior high volleyball, $2,375;

Approved the non-renewal of 32 supplemental contracts for athletic and academic programs. This action is unrelated to performance.

– Bonnie Hazen


WHAT: McDonald Board of Education regular meeting on Monday

PRESENT: Tom Hart, Robert Jones Jr., Joseph Krumpak Jr. and Eric Shehadi

ABSENT: John Saganich

The board:

Passed a resolution authorizing the superintendent to apply for a blizzard bag day to make up a sixth calamity day, and designating April 21 as a school day for students;

Approved the following supplemental coach contracts: Michelle Titus, assistant softball, $1,894; Mick Canterino, assistant baseball, $1,894; Bill Ifft, volunteer, assistant baseball; Chris Rupe, assistant boys track, $1,894; John Fields, assistant girls track, $1,894; James MacGregor, junior high boys track, $1,578; Jeannette Domitrovich, junior high girls track, $1,578; Nicola Accordino, volunteer, assistant boys / girls varsity track; Steve Bada, volunteer, junior high boys track; Emily Dolsak, volunteer, junior high girls track; and Lance Ronghi, volunteer, junior high boys / girls track;

Passed a resolution to change the kindergarten entrance age from turning 5 by Aug. 1 to turning 5 by Sept. 30 of the year in which they apply for entrance;

Adopted an open enrollment policy that permits enrollment of students from all other districts in accordance to board policy.

– Bonnie L. Hazen


WHAT: Niles Board of Education meeting on Thursday

PRESENT: Christopher Doutt, Richard Limongi, Tony Perrone, Mary Ann McMahon and Susan Longacre

The board:

Approved the resignation retirement of head custodian Larry Ozanich, effective Aug. 1;

Approved second-grade teacher BreAnne Gilmartin’s request for family leave, effective March 28;

Approved Melissa Karr as a substitute school nurse on an as-needed basis for the 2013-14 school year;

Approved Mary Vencel, Dianne Hayes and Max Plevyak as home instructors for the 2013-14 school year;

Approved the non-renewal of the following substitute contracts, effective at the end of the 2013-14 school year: home instructors, substitute school nurses, substitute bus drivers, substitute cafeteria helpers, substitute custodial helpers, substitute educational assistants, substitute health care assistants and substitute secretaries;

Granted continuing contract status to Sarah Hill, teacher of exceptional children at Niles Intermediate School;

Appointed the following athletic supplemental positions for the 2013-14 school year: Amber Jarvis, assistant girls softball, $1,707; Ryan Ifft, volunteer, baseball; Aaron Johnstone, assistant boys baseball, $1,708; and Patrick Barrett, volunteer, baseball;

Appointed an athletic supplemental position for Ronald Slipkasky, varsity girls volleyball, $3,129, for the 2014-15 school year, pending background check;

Approved the second reading of the School Facility Reservation Policy and the Schedule of Facility Rental Fees.

– Bonnie L. Hazen

On the record


WHAT: Champion Board of Education meeting on Monday

PRESENT: Kelly Boyle, John Mahan, Amy Schwab, Jim Scher and Roger Samuleson

The board:

l Purchased a $79,125 Thomas school bus from Myers Equipment through the Trumbull County school bus consortium bid process. Officials said plans are to replace a bus per year since current fleet has many miles on them;

l Approved purchase of a $21,315 GMC Sierra work truck with plow from R.D. Banks Chevrolet, which includes the cost of the trade in of a 1988 truck. The purchase is being covered by a $25,000 Clean Diesel fuel grant awarded to the district;

l Heard from Boyle the school staff will take part in Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate (ALICE) safety training on March 28, which will be no school for students.

l Added a fourth grade teaching position for the next school year to create five teachers at each grade level;

l Created a second utility person for the next school year, with costs to be offset by a cost containment effort through the maintenance department;

l Recognized Delphi Packard Electric Electrical / Electronic Architecture for participating in the high school’s STEM business partnership. School officials said the partnership helps prepare students for careers;

l Reported the FIRST Champion Lightning Bots Robotics Team will compete this weekend at Cleveland State University and next month in Chicago. The board approved the April 2 to 6 field trip of 34 students to Mid-West Regional Robotics competition in Illinois. Cost for the trip is offset by donations and parent boosters;

l Heard from technology director Rebecca Baxter the district is seeking a grant in April for new technology for planned computer-based assessments to raise student achievement. She said the district should know if it received the grant in May;

l Approved discontinuing the Consumer Based Instruction program, which had students attend school half day and then go to work. It was previously known as OWE. Services will instead be offered through the virtual learning class for qualifying students;

l Heard from high school principal John Grabowski additional courses in speech, chemistry, French, calculus and chemistry will be offered next school year for college credit.

– Bob Coupland


WHAT: Hubbard City Council meeting Monday

PRESENT: Timothy O’Hara, Lorrie Brown, Lisha Pompili-Baumiller, Bonnie Viele, Daniel Havalo, Justin Silvidi, Jerome Crowe and Raymond Moffitt


l Approved resolution to support the issue on the May 2014 ballot that authorizes the renewal of the sale of bonds by the state of Ohio to fund the State Capital Improvement Program as administered by the Ohio Public Works Commission and encouraging the voters of Ohio to vote “yes” on the issue.

– Colin Harris

On the record


WHAT: Champion Trustee special meeting on Saturday

PRESENT: Bob Farmer, Jeff Hovanic and Keith Bowser


l Awarded the bid for snow and ice removal packages for the two new trucks that the township will be receiving through the Ohio Diesel Emission Reduction Grant Program. The bid was awarded to Myers Equipment Corp. of Canfield at the lowest bid of $70,178 for two snow and ice removal packages. Farmer said the new trucks will be on the road this summer.

– Bob Coupland


WHAT: Lordstown Village Council regular meeting on Monday

PRESENT: Robert Bond, John Mansell, Donald Reider, Karen Jones, Ron Radtka and Howard Sheely


l Authorized the mayor and clerk to enter into an agreement with the Trumbull County Board of Commissioners on behalf of the county’s nutrition program for the elderly, to provide meeting room space in the Village Administration Building, 1455 Salt Springs Road, to serve meals to senior citizens;

l Authorized the purchase of a 2014 Chevrolet Impala police motor vehicle through the Ohio Cooperative Purchasing program from Taylor Chevrolet, 2510 North Memorial Drive, Lancaster.

l Authorized the clerk to spend public funds to purchase coffee and related items for council meeting;

l Passed an ordinance modifying the contract awarded to Morton Salt Inc. for the purchase of approximately 2,100 tons or more of salt for the winter season. The salt was purchased for $31.55 per ton, $66,255 total;

l Passed an ordinance authorizing the village to purchase Sierra Wireless Airlink GX440 equipment from Independence Communications to be incorporated within the Lordstown Police Department 911 system.

The equipment will serve as wireless routers inside the police cruisers.

Cost for the program is $12,421.50.


WHAT: Bazetta Township trustee regular Monday meeting

PRESENT: Paul Hovis, Frank Parke and Ted Webb


l Approved spending up to $4,000 for Fallsway Equipment Co. to up-fit the 2014 Ford Utility, to be paid from the Police Equipment Fund;

l Approved spending $1,700 for a LTI Ultra-Lyte LRB Laser Unit;

l Approved spending up to $4,000 for a Ferris IS2000 with KAW 52-inch mower with trade-in of Bobcat Procat 22 mower from Agnew Lawn and Garden, to be paid from the Cemetery Fund;

l Approved the return of John Governor to work predominantly as park laborer, effective March 24, at a rate of $10.99 per hour;

l Approved a Physio Control Technical Service Support Agreement through Feb. 28, 2017, at a cost of $4,220, to be paid from the Fire Fund;

l Conditionally hired Bill Steiner and William Claypoole as part-time firefighters / medics, at a rate of $11.25 per hour, pending background checks;

l Hired Michael Wright as a full-time firefighter / medic at the contracted rate, effective March 16;

l Hired Scott Gubanyar as a full-time firefighter / medic at the contracted rate, effective April 1.

– Margaret Thompson

On the record


WHAT: Bristol Board of Education meeting on Wednesday

PRESENT: Dennie Lenney, John Hickey, Don Mickel and Scott Chapman

ABSENT: Kathie Johnson

The board:

Reported the district will make up three calamity days June 2 to 4 after having to use eight calamity days this winter. School districts are given a maximum of five days they do not need to make up for severe weather. Lenney said the board approved a calendar that included make-up dates the first week in June if needed. Like other districts, officials were seeing what the state would allow beyond five days;

Approved being able to use the Ashtabula County substitute list for filling in for employees if needed. Lenney said the district uses Trumbull County’s list first;

Approved Barbara Cibella as head girls varsity soccer coach; Sean McLaren as head boys varsity soccer coach; Kristie Woods as junior high volleyball coach; Brooke Anderson as junior high girls track coach; Mark Mollohan as junior high boys track coach; and Bill McCartney as a baseball coach;

Reported a mural of a school crest symbol was completed by art students in the cafeteria.

– Bob Coupland


What: Howland Township trustees regular meeting Wednesday

Present: Matt VanSuch and Jim LaPolla

Absent: Rick Clark


Purchased a $104,000 ambulance for the fire department to replace a 2008 vehicle. Farmers National Bank approved financing for $90,000 at 2.75 percent interest;

Accepted the resignation of part-time firefighter Jaci Greaver;

Heard from LaPolla of a township wellness committee and that anyone interested in serving on the committee can contact him;

Declared May as Motorcycle Awareness Month, and asked that residents watch for motorcyclists on the roadways.

– Bob Coupland

Trumbull County

WHAT: Trumbull County commissioners regular weekly meeting Wednesday. This week, the meeting was held at Fairhaven School in Niles

PRESENT: Frank Fuda, Paul Heltzel and Dan Polivka


Selected MS Consultants Inc. of Youngstown to engineer and do construction inspection on Phase III of the Western Reserve Greenway bike trail through Trumbull County. This third part of the trail is a 2.5-mile section between North River Road and Champion Avenue East.

Adopted a resolution that proclaims March 2014 as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in the county. This year’s theme is ”Recognize Ability at Work.”

– Ron Selak Jr.


WHAT: Warren City Council regular meeting Wednesday evening in the council chambers

PRESENT: Council members Larry Larson, Alford Novak, John Brown, Greg Bartholomew, Vince Flask, Cheryl Saffold, Eddie Colbert, James Valesky, Dan Sferra, Helen Rucker and Council President James Graham


Passed an ordinance allowing the Ohio Department of Transportation to do spot paving on state Route 82 within the city limits during fiscal year 2015;

Passed an ordinance increasing the wage of the council clerk position to $3,848.28 per month in 2014 and to $3,906.11 in 2015. The ordinance also increases the wage of the deputy clerk of council position to $3,232.64 in 2014 and to $3,281.14 in 2015. The deputy council clerk’s position is not filled;

Passed a resolution supporting the May 2014 ballot issue which authorizes the renewal of the sale of bonds by the state to fund the State Capital Improvement program. It encourages residents to vote for the renewal during the election;

Passed an ordinance implementing the collective bargaining agreement between the city and the Ohio Patrolman’s Benevolent Association for rank officers, providing them annual 1.5 percent wage increases and allowing members to pay a portion of their health care premiums. It is similar to other contracts approved by council earlier this year;

Authorized the city to enter into contract with Marc Morgan to coordinate and operate all adult softball programs in city parks during 2014. The city’s board of control must vote to finalize the contract.

– Raymond L. Smith


WHAT: Weathersfield Township trustee meeting on Tuesday

PRESENT: Gil Blair, Marvin McBride and Steve Gerberry


Approved settling a property damage claim related to the West Park fire station parking lot in the amount of $1,000 with Allied Waste / Republic Services. Blair said an Allied Waste truck caught fire and was brought to the parking lot;

Requested the county sanitary engineer’s office to submit a community development block grant for the proposed Heaton Chute sanitary project in the township. The funding will help the office secure additional grant funding that will be available for the project;

Directed Fiscal Officer Fred Bobovnyk to place liens against properties at 2185 Gardenland Ave. and 612 McDonald Ave. in an effort to be reimbursed the costs of demolition. Blair said the demolitions were part of Moving Ohio Forward program;

Heard from resident Mary Wick of updating of records and improvements at the Welsh Hill Cemetery off Countyline Road;

Approved the sale of a Ford F-550 dump truck and plow to the county engineer’s office at $58,513 and also a Dura Patcher machine to the county in exchange for $17,500 in labor and $17,500 in materials;

Reported the Oakview drainage project will begin this spring with funds awarded for the Warner Road project;

Announced the Flag Festival will be held June 12 to 15, and include musical entertainment, food and fireworks;

Set spring cleanup for May 5 to 9;

Proclaimed May as ”Motorcycle Awareness Month” asking motorists to be aware of those riding motorcycles;

Approved an agreement with the county engineer for the township assistance program for collaborative efforts on projects;

Accepted donations of four laptop computers from Lenovo Corp.which were recovered as evidence by the police department;

Accepted a donation of fire hose from Boardman for the fire department;

Announced the Mineral Ridge Historical Society at 6 p.m. May 1 at the township hall.

– Bob Coupland

On the record


WHAT: City Council regular meeting on Monday

PRESENT: Reynald Palone, Steve Brooks, Larry Steiner, George Eicher, Thomas Grumley, Joseph Shelby, John Moliterno and Louis Adovasio


Authorized the director of public service to advertise for bids for the Churchill Road and Belmont Avenue water line improvement project;

Authorized the director of public service to bid for repairs of the city hall building roof and city gym;

Consented the director of transportation to resurface state Route 11, as well as do minor bridge work on a structure over Liberty Lake.

– Colin Harris

On the record

Trumbull County

WHAT: Regular weekly meeting of Trumbull County commissioners on Wednesday.

PRESENT: Frank Fuda, Paul Heltzel and Dan Polivka.


Designated Paula Vivoda-Klotz, journal clerk for commissioners, to attend on behalf of Clerk of Courts Karen Infante Allen an open government seminar put on by the Ohio Auditor’s Office Friday in Bristol. Vivoda-Klotz will present information from the class to employees in the clerk’s office.

Gave permission to Mike Sliwinski, county chief building official; Tom Gladd, assistant chief building official; and Blake Peterson, building inspector, to attend a free training seminar March 4 in Cleveland. The seminar provides the employees three hours of state required continuing education.

Honored Pete Lucic, a lieutenant in the Sheriff’s Office, for his retirement on Feb. 28. Lucic has worked for the county for more than 33 years;

Honored Christina Sparks, who works in the Clerk of Courts Office, for her retirement on Feb. 28. Sparks has worked for the county for more than 31 years;

Agreed to pay attorney Michael Grove $2,345 for title work related to the county’s purchase of the building formerly known as First Place Bank. The hourly rate was $175;

Agreed to advertise bids for supplying gasoline and diesel fuel for the county.

– Ron Selak Jr.


WHAT: Bristol Township trustee meeting on Tuesday

PRESENT: Doug Seemann, Ramon French and Mark Webb


Reappointed Lee Cook to the zoning board of appeals and appointed Tony Bailey to the zoning board of appeals, both for five-year terms;

Accepted Karen Hullihen’s letter of resignation from the zoning commission board;

Moved Tim Pleso from an alternate zoning commission board member to fill an unexpired term on the zoning commission board;

Hired Brad Hall as a fire / medic pending completion of physical and drug screening;

Reported two residents have signed up for the senior check program with fire department staff making calls each week to check on homebound and elderly residents of the community. Residents can still sign up with applications available on the township website or at the fire department;

Eliminated four lieutenant positions and two captain positions. The fire department does not have adequate staffing or personnel to fill the vacancies;

Reported repairs are complete on the fire squad;

Accepted a contract with Bazetta Township for information technology services, costing $40 per hour;

Approved recently a recommendation from the township zoning commission that the current land-use maps of the township be included in the final comprehensive plan being worked on by the county planning commission.

– Bob Coupland


WHAT: Braceville Township trustee meeting on Tuesday

PRESENT: Todd Brewster and Dennis Kuchta

ABSENT: Aaron Young


Approved the purchase of a $2,900 IV-infusion pump covered by an emergency medical service grant and 12 stethoscopes at $50 each, all for the fire department EMS;

Reported plans are for a walking path to be put in behind the township cemetery. Brewster said a basketball court was put in late last year by the township hall;

Will attend a meeting at 6 p.m. March 18 with Newton Falls council and its city manager Jack Haney regarding joint economic development districts.

– Bob Coupland

On the record


WHAT: Southington Township trustee meeting on Wednesday

PRESENT: Sam Plott, Dan Tietz and Bob Reader


Approved limestone bid of $20.25 per ton for 1,000 tons from Arms Trucking Co. of East Clarion;

Approved Cody Lawn Service of Cortland at $500 for two brush hog mowings of the 11.8-acre township property at U.S. Route 422 and state Route 534;

Will be contacting the county engineer for the annual meeting to discuss project for the township;

Set spring cleanup and tire collection for 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. May 10 at the township garage;

Set a zoning change public hearing at 5:30 p.m. April 2 before the next regular meeting at 6 p.m.;

Announced the Trumbull Trustee Association and Southington Local Schools will hold a candidates night at 6 p.m. April 10 at the Southington school complex cafeteria.

State, county and federal candidates on the local board of election ballot will be invited.

– Bob Coupland


WHAT: McDonald Village Council regular meeting on Wednesday

PRESENT: Michael O’Brien, Richard Harvey, Brian Fisher, Scott Seitz, Glen Puckett and Paul Stitt


Amended the salary of daytime EMT and volunteer fighterfighters.

Awarded fire Chief Nick Kish 45 paid absence hours a year as both fire chief and daytime EMT for village;

Adopted ordinance awarding full-time village employees and fire chief a lump sum payment in lieu of annual raise.

– Colin Harris


WHAT: Niles City Council meeting on Wednesday

PRESENT: Robert Marino, Frank Pezzano, John Merlo, Edward Stredney, Edward McCormick, Michael Lastic, Reggie Giancola Jr. and Stephen Papalas


Authorized moving money from the unappropriated general fund to the fire department’s grant fund account to purchase $1,500 of medical equipment for first responders.

The department received a grant for a blood pressure cuff and pulse oximeter, but must front the cost of the items.

Upon receiving the grant, the amount of $1,500 will be returned to the city’s general fund;

Authorized the auditor to increase the revenue of the various utility accounts for the calendar year 2012.

The city received $5,216 in credit card payments which were deposited into the city’s bank account and posted to customer accounts, but were not properly reported as revenue to the auditor’s office;

Authorized using $10,000 from the computer fund and $5,000 from the probation fund to replace computers and purchase software and other computer related needs for the court;

Awarded $100,000 to the city’s light department for operational supplies and $127,000 to the city’s sewer department for operational supplies, vehicle maintenance, equipment maintenance, equipment purchases and wastewater collection.

– Colin Harris