Mirror may be key in hit-skip

LIBERTY – Police are tracing a mirror in hopes of finding the person behind a hit-and-run earlier this month.

David Blair, 21, of Girard was struck by a car early March 9 as he walked along Churchill Road on the state Route 11 overpass. Blair recovered enough to make it to the closest house and ask for help.

Officers found a passenger’s side mirror from a car that they believe may have been involved, according to Liberty police detective Sgt. Thomas Couche.

“(Officers) are trying to run down the make and model of the vehicle,” Couche said. “We’re piecing back together the mirror, and we’re trying to find a vehicle that it belongs to.

“I’ve been to a couple of repair shops in the area to see if they can help me narrow down a make, model and year that this mirror may belong do.”

Couche said that the mirror was the only piece of evidence that officers were able to recover from the scene, but that he has been able to form some theories about the car involved.

“It appears to me, based on the evidence I have from the scene, that the only thing that struck him was the mirror,” Couche said. “But it could be possible that there could also be a dent in the front quarter panel or the (passenger’s side) door.

”The vehicle was coming east, and he was walking west on the correct side of the road. At best, there may be some damage around the mirror area of the door, but that is speculation on my part,” Couche said.

Liberty police previously did not comment publicly while investigators waited for more information regarding Blair’s state at the time of the incident.

“There was no statement (from police) because (Blair) had been coming from Shaker’s Bar and Grill, where he had been drinking with friends,” Couche said. “In out initial report, it was noted that (Blair) had a strong odor of alcohol and slurred speech, and that he did not have a lot of information to give at the scene.”

Couche said that he has been in touch with Blair’s family and requested to speak with the victim, although he has yet to arrange a meeting.

“We want a chance to sit down and talk with (Blair) since we did not have a chance to talk with him the night of the accident,” Couche said.