A new way to read the Tribune

Since 1812, newspapers, including the Tribune Chronicle, have delivered valuable news and information to people in Trumbull County and surrounding areas.

The Tribune Chronicle has been an integral part of life in the the Mahoning Valley for generations, delivering news from your neighborhood and beyond directly to your door. But as technology changes, so do newspapers.

Two decades ago, the Tribune Chronicle began delivering an Internet version to online readers. In 2012, we added a mobile version to allow readers to access the newspaper on smart phones.

The Tribune Chronicle has long provided readers with comprehensive coverage of news, sports, opinions, news of record and other information important to the people of Trumbull County.

Neither our website nor mobile app is an exact copy of the printed version. But, beginning on March 27, subscribers will be able to read the entire newspaper online every day. Every page, every story, every advertisement now will be available to our subscribers electronically regardless of where you are located. The electronic version of the Tribune Chronicle will download to your phone, tablet or computer in a few seconds and allow you to read the newspaper in the same manner you would if you were holding the printed edition in your hands.

Subscribers also will be able to enjoy a website that functions the same way it has for years, but it will include significantly more information from that day’s newspaper. It will also include an archive of thousands of stories.

After the electronic edition is launched, you will only need to answer a few questions to link your digital account to your subscription information. After that you will be able to access both the website and electronic version of the newspaper.

Newspapers, including the Tribune Chronicle, continue to evolve to meet the information needs of a changing base of readers. Reading the news electronically is a valuable part of many people’s day. With the addition of a digital version of the newspaper, that value has intensified.

“The addition of an electronic edition as well as a subscription-based website will allow the Tribune Chronicle to serve our readers in whatever format they are most comfortable reading the newspaper,” said Publisher Charles Jarvis. “It’s an exciting time to be in the publishing industry.”