Weathersfield fire caused by space heater

WEATHERSFIELD – Fire officials said a Friday morning blaze that ripped through a township home was caused by an electric space heater.

Fire crews were called out to the residence at 1458 Morris St. about 10:30 a.m. after receiving reports that there was a house filled with smoke.

Weathersfield fire Chief Randall Pugh said the homeowners were at the residence with their teen son at the time. However, no one was hurt, he said.

The residents’ names were not released. The Trumbull County Auditor’s website lists Deborah Moore as the property owner.

Pugh said the teen was in his second-floor bedroom when he saw the space heater spark and catch the curtains on fire. The boy ran to get a fire extinguisher but when he came back to the room, the flames had already spread.

When fire crews arrived, the second floor was fully engulfed by flames.

“It was really challenging because the front door was blocked by furniture and stuff so we only had one way in,” Pugh said. “When we got upstairs there were also several room entrances blocked so that made it even more difficult.” He said at one point firefighters became concerned when the roof became unstable and they evacuated the structure.

“But we were able to re-evaluate everything and eventually were able to go back in and get it stopped,” he said.

Crews were on the scene about four hours. Austintown and McDonald also responded.

“I’m not sure why they had the entrance or the doorways blocked. There should always be at least two ways out at all times. We’re just glad everyone is OK,” Pugh said.