Student injured in Willard bathroom

WARREN – Repairs have been made in a bathroom stall at Willard PK-8 School after a boy was injured in December.

On Dec. 17, third-grader Jonathan Wynn, 9, was cut by a sharp latch on the handicap stall. Nobody else was injured and the school has since replaced the latch, according to Director of Business Operations Mich-ael Wasser.

Wynn’s mom, Jodi Weaver, said she called an ambulance when she arrived at the school and saw the injury. Wynn was treated for a laceration at Trumbull Memorial Hospital, where he received liquid sutures.

Weaver also claims that, at the time of her son’s injury, he was unable to fit through the handicap stall with his walker. She questioned the bathroom’s compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, under which schools must comply to standards involving handicap accessiblity.

Wynn’s parents claim they were denied access to the bathroom the following day when they showed up at the school to inspect the site of their son’s injury. They have since been permitted to inspect the bathroom, but Weaver said it took multiple requests and a complaint filed with the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Superintendent Michael Notar said a request has to be made to come on school premises and arrangements must be made for someone to accompany the person making the request.

Wynn’s father, LaRue Wynn, owner of Wynn Construction, said the bathroom appeared to have significant renovations by the time he was granted access to the school in early January, four weeks after the injury occurred.

“They did the whole bathroom, from the floor to the ceiling, the stalls, sinks,” he said.

Wasser said the only thing that was changed was a small latch, which took less than five minutes to repair and that the bathroom was and remains ADA compliant. Because the repair was so small, a work order was not necessary, he said.

Notar said the new latch was installed by a custodial supervisor.

“There was a little hook that was replaced and screwed in, and that was it,” Wasser said. “It was fixed probably a day or two after the young boy supposedly was injured on it. Anything that breaks or we know that needs repaired, we do that immediately. We don’t wait.”

“It’s the same bathroom when we built the building,” Notar said.

Wynn’s parents said their only concern has been for their son’s safety as well as to prevent other students from being injured.

“He’s got a permanent scar that’s never going to go away,” Weaver said.