Lawsuit: Man claims rough treatment by security at court

WARREN – A local man filed a lawsuit against a Trumbull County sheriff’s deputy working security at the Family Court, claiming the deputy met him with excessive and unreasonable force. Larry Heib, 1358 North Road, Warren, said he was trying to keep a court date at the time.

Heib filed the lawsuit Friday in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court, seeking at least $75,000 in compensatory damages and additional punitive damages.

Heib names Deputy Don Guarino as the one who deployed physical force on him Feb. 21, 2013, when he and his wife went through the front door of Family Court and through the metal detector.

Heib said Guarino ”berated” them for walking through the detector outside of his presence.

He said his wife then went back through the detector with no problem.

After Heib put his keys and change in a plastic bowl, the machine still beeped. Guarino wanted Heib to remove his belt. Heib said he had button fly pants on and wasn’t going to remove the belt, but he suggested that the deputy use a hand wand to detect any danger.

The deputy refused, telling him ”it was (his) way or the highway,” the lawsuit states.

Heib states he picked up his change and keys from the bowl and the bowl fell to the ground.

He continued to walk away back through the doors, and as he was leaving, ”the deputy came up, without warning, grabbing him and slamming him into a brick wall. The deputy put his face next to Larry Heib’s ear and yelled ‘Don’t ever throw my bowl.”’

Heib said he was treated at a local hospital for pain in his side and that he was informed in March that Guarino had been reprimanded for the action.

Sheriff Tom Altiere, who also was named in the lawsuit, said Friday he declined comment on the suit until after he and the Trumbull County Prosecutor’s Office had a chance to review the complaint.

County Commissioners also were named as defendants.