Counties, schools to receive less

Counties and school districts in Ohio will receive less cash from casinos in the latest round of distributions.

The $68.6 million – the local cut of taxes collected from casinos from October through December – distributed by the Ohio Department of Taxation is 2.2 percent less than department sent out in October.

The largest chunk this round, about $35 million, will be given to counties and the rest, about $23 million, will be given to schools. What’s left will be given to the eight largest cities in Ohio, the Casino Control Commission, Ohio State Racing Commission, training for law enforcement and efforts to address problem gambling.

Ohio schools received nearly $38 million in the first chunk of casino-tax revenue distributed in January 2013 and about $45 million in August in the second semi-annual statewide distribution.

Last year, casino revenue was about $821 million, about $65 million less than what was anticipated by the state. The money comes from taxes levied on the four operating casinos in the state, in Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo and Cincinnati.

In Mahoning County, Youngstown received $356,790 in the latest distribution and $364,856 in the October round. Mahoning County received the same amount.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.