ATM suspect pleads guilty, gets 3 years

WARREN – One of two men charged with kidnapping and robbing a serviceman – who was forced to withdraw $520 from ATM machines – pleaded guilty Tuesday to two charges and was sentenced to three years behind bars.

A co-defendant in the case remains at large.

Daniel D. Boone Jr., 24, of Addison Drive, Brookfield, said nothing as Trumbull County Common Pleas Judge Andrew Logan handed down two concurrent three-year sentences for robbery and kidnapping.

The case had one of the quickest resolutions in Common Pleas Court, considering similar charges were dismissed against Boone and a co-defendant in Warren Municipal Court on Feb. 6. He was indicted on the two charges in a direct presentment to a Trumbull County grand jury Thursday; arraigned on the charges Friday; and pleaded guilty to the indictment Tuesday.

The co-defendant in the case, Juan D. Jordan, 23, of Roberts Avenue, Warren, never appeared for his arraignment Friday and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Jordan’s case is assigned to Judge Ronald Rice. He faces the same two charges.

Assistant county prosecutor Chris Becker said Boone was offered the plea deal because the victim in the case was ”less than forthcoming with police when he first reported the crime.”

”In light of the facts and circumstances and since we’re pretty sure the defendants didn’t use a gun, we thought it was a fair deal,” Becker said. ”A victim – even though he wasn’t 100 percent truthful – was still robbed. And the defendant will be on post release control for five years after the prison time.”

Becker said that the two bandits confronted William J. Hollis, 29, of Hermitage, Pa., at the Cottage Inn, a motel in Niles, where Hollis was planning on meeting a prostitute.

Instead of the woman, Hollis, who is originally from Virginia and who is stationed with a U.S. Army military unit in Farrell, Pa., encountered the two men, who pretended they had a gun.

Warren Municipal Court Judge Thomas Gysegem dismissed similar charges against Boone and Jordan Feb. 6 after Hollis admitted lying about portions of the story he had told Howland police investigators.

Hollis originally told Howland detectives the men confronted him at a Howland intersection. He later said the pair confronted him at the Niles motel.

He also tried to blame an earlier withdrawal from a third ATM on the two robbers, however Becker said that money was intended for the woman at the motel.

After facts appeared hazy and the jurisdiction was unclear, Gysegem dismissed the charges without prejudice, allowing the charges to be re-filed.

Becker said Howland police approached him to review the case after the dismissal and he presented it to the grand jury.

At some point though, Hollis said the men told him to get into the passenger seat of his car Jan. 20 and ultimately forced him to withdraw money from two ATMs in Niles, where he withdrew $120 from one machine and $400 from the other. He told police the gunmen repeatedly threatened to kill him and told him they would ”set him up.”

They then headed to the Huntington ATM on Main Avenue S.W., in Warren, where Hollis said he was able to jump out of the car when the gunmen were arguing over the ATM machine and went to the nearby Burger King for help.