Warren rapist denied parole

WARREN – A convicted rapist granted parole once before winding up behind bars again after authorities said he was stalking a woman, was turned down for another parole.

Ohio’s Parole Board said Terrance Stargell must remain in prison until at least October 2018, before getting another parole hearing. The board made its recent decision based on the last parole hearing in December.

Stargell, 45, had already served 22 years behind bars before the first release.

The inmate at Chillicothe Correctional Institution was 18 years old when he was sentenced to serve 15 to 70 years after prosecutors say he committed a violent rape on a 62-year-old disabled Warren woman in her own home on New Year’s day 1987.

Stargell killed the woman’s dog, Boo with a knife, then repeatedly raped the woman, whom he bound and gagged, before clearing out her home, removing two TVs, clock radio, four table lamps, sweeper, iron, jewelry, purses, personal medication, identification and money.

Stargell entered the home with a female accomplice, who had used the phone inside the woman’s house earlier. She eventually testified against Stargell in front of a jury.

Trumbull County Prosecutor Dennis Watkins said last week he was pleased that the board turned down Stargell’s parole.

”Perhaps this means that not only senior citizens will be safe, but so will their pets,” Watkins said.

Stargell’s sister, Cynthia Stargell, who lives in Georgia, said her brother is a changed man and she said the prosecutor should interview her brother himself.

”Terrance is not that child who first went to prison. His family knows different. Leaving him in prison is a waste of taxpayers’ money.

”You know, all inmates aren’t monsters,” Cynthia Stargell said. ”He’s lost his parents and his grandparents since he’s been in prison. I’d like to see him out before I die.”

Watkins pointed out that Stargell had his taste of freedom and failed.

After the first stint behind bars and a parole in 2009, it was less than a year before his parole was revoked after stalking a female who worked at a Dollar General in Campbell. He repeatedly engaged in sexually provocative conversation with the woman, who rebuffed his advances. When a male co-worker attempted to intervene on her behalf, Stargell pulled a knife, according to police reports.

Stargell’s parole officer told the female she was being primed to become the next victim.

Stargell’s sister argues that what the parole officer called a knife was nothing more than a fishing tool.

”He was attracted to a woman and she turned down his advances. That’s all there was to it,” Cynthia Stargell said.

Watkins, however, said that the woman at Dollar General fears for herself and her family if Stargell is released again.

The prosecutor told the Parole Board in his letter opposing parole that he’s convinced Stargell is sure to re-offend if he is released.

”Enough is enough! Stargell hasn’t gotten the message. He has worked his way up from being a bad boy to a full-fledged psychopath, and he is not going to get any better,” Watkins states in his letter.

The letter also included copies of Stargell’s long juvenile record dating back to 1982, when he pointed a loaded gun at small children when he was 14.

Watkins also reminded the board of a list of at least 60 times that Stargell was written up for various conduct violations in prison before he was released the first time in 2009. He points out that the violations have continued since his return to prison.