Report: Man hit with baseball bat

WARREN – A Niles man told police he was hit over the head with a baseball bat by another man late Monday night while visiting friends at a house on the north side of the city.

Warren police were called to St. Joseph Health Center early Tuesday after receiving reports of an assault. When they arrived, Randy G. Crawford, 43, of North Main Street, Niles, told officers that he was hit from behind while walking from the dining room toward the bathroom on the first floor of a house at 446 Lamphier Place N.E., according to a Warren police report.

Crawford told police he did not know why the man hit him with the bat, the reports states.

Crawford told police that after being hit he turned around and grabbed the bat from the man, who then ran out of the house.

There were two other people in the house who saw the assault, but he did not know their names, Crawford told police.

He told officers that he drove to his house in Niles and his girlfriend took him to the hospital about an hour later.

Police said Crawford had a large laceration on his head and that several staples had been used to close his wound. He also had a black eye, police reported. Crawford stated he possibly was knocked out or blacked out after the incident, was very dizzy and “really didn’t feel well.”

Crawford was transferred to St. Elizabeth Health Center in Youngstown after a small brain bleed inside his skull was discovered while he was at the hospital in Warren.

The police report indicates that Crawford identified a 29-year-old Warren man as the one who hit him. As of Wednesday, the individual had not been charged in connection with the incident.

The police report indicates the matter was handed over to Warren police detectives to follow up on the case “due to conflicting stories.”