Packard Music Foundation loses tax-exempt status

WARREN – The Packard Music Hall Foundation Inc. has lost its nonprofit status because it had failed to turn in required forms to the Internal Revenue Service for three consecutive years.

The foundation was the creation of Christopher J. Stephenson, currently the executive director of the Packard Music Hall. Although the foundation was created in 2004 to raise money for the Packard Music Hall, Stephenson said it is not part of the music hall and has no connection to the city.

The last time an IRS 990 form was filled out by Packard Music Hall Foundation Inc. appeared to have been in 2007. Forms are on file for 2005, 2006 and 2007.

“We’ve been aware that it has lost its tax-exempt status,” Stephenson said. “It has not been decided what is going to be done. We are looking at hiring a lawyer with some expertise in this area.”

Stephenson said the Packard Music Hall Foundation Inc. previously worked to raise matching funds for a $2 million renovation of the music hall.

The Packard Music Hall Foundation in 2007 tax period had assets of $73,395, income of $43,635 and revenue of $8,058.

The organization held V-Day, which was part of a global movement to stop violence against women and girls; provided actors who assisted with Trumbull Lifelines crisis intervention training; conducted its sixth annual Children’;s Theatre Program for children ranging four through 18 years old; participated in the annual Warren Ghost Walk; and hosted “Nobodies of Comedy,” according to its 2007 990 report.

Thomas Groth, president of the Packard Music Hall Foundation board, says it has an annual drive to raise money music hall.

“We have not done any fund raising when it was learned about the IRS ruling,” Groth said.