New sick time rules

WARREN – No more can Trumbull County employees regularly cash in the sick and vacation time they earn every two weeks on their paychecks.

Policy changes that put the county in compliance with state law now let employees make the cash conversion once a year, and it must be in the next year.

So, for example, an employee who previously could cash out the 4.6 hours of sick time he / she earned in an 80-hour pay period 26 times a year – one time for each paycheck – can for time earned in 2014, convert the time to cash just once, and it must be done in 2015. The one-time only rule applies to vacation time, too.

”The way the county was doing it in prior years, if a person earned it, they could cash that in as time, money on my check. Rather than going into a bank of hours, it was paid to me on my check,” said Human Resources director Jim Keating. ”That is over now.”

The 4.6 hours of time employees accumulate in every 80-hour pay period is about 120 hours a year. Vacation time, accumulated differently, depends on the amount of time an employee has been on the job, Keating said. It ranges from 3.1 hours, which over a year is about 80 hours, for new employees to 9.2 hours, which is about 240 hours a year, for older employees.

The maximum amount of sick time an employee can accumulate is 760 hours and vacation time, 720 hours for an employee at the top of the scale.

County commissioners approved the policy change earlier this week.