First family

Stephanie and Paul Potts joked about their baby being born on New Year’s Day. But little did they know Wyatt James Potts would be the first baby of the year born in Trumbull County.

Wyatt was born at 10:07 a.m. Wednesday at St. Joseph’s Health Center, following what was described as a quick, but certainly not painless, delivery.

The Southington family said it wasn’t a normal morning by any means. Paul’s father, Ray Blasko, said he was enjoying breakfast when he heard his son upstairs yell, “He’s here!” leaving the entire household in shock.

“And then it took us an hour to get to the hospital. We had to drive through the snow storm,” Paul said.

Those gathered in the hospital room Wednesday afternoon joked about the factors the family seem to have encountered – birth during a snow storm on New Year’s Day.

“It’s quite the story,” Stephanie’s nurse said.

But no one was happier to finish this chapter than Stephanie, who didn’t have enough time to get an epidural. Just an hour after arriving at the hospital the baby was born.

That time included waiting for Dr. Paresh Mehta to arrive from his home.

Stephanie, 29, and Paul, 42, were married Oct. 26, 2013, and honeymoon phase isn’t over yet. They awed over their newborn in euphoria as though it were their first.

The newlyweds have three other children – eldest A.J. Aikins, 9, Angel Aikins, 6, and Zachary Altman, 3 – so Stephanie knew what to expect all too well.

“This definitely was the fastest delivery out of the four. It probably would have been quicker if I wasn’t yelling at everyone,” she joked. “I’m just happy it’s over.”

After the shock wore off and reality set in, Blasko said the room was brimming with excitement and adoration.

“I was just so happy. Paul is a special person to me, and Stephanie has become a special person to me,” he said.

Wyatt James, who was named after Wyatt Earp and Stephanie’s father, weighed 6 pounds, 9 ounces and measured 19 inches long. Stephanie said her other kids were excited to meet him, especially Angel, who initially wanted a baby sister.

“She was not happy. She wanted it to be a girl because she has two brothers and didn’t want another one,” Stephanie said.

Paul agreed, adding, “But now she’s the only one who can pull the diva card. We said if the baby was born on her birthday, she would get to choose the name, though.”

Sadly, Wyatt came 11 days early. Everyone saw it as the last, but greatest, Christmas gift to the entire household.

“There’s so much optimism and joy. It’s fun being the first baby of the year, too. There’s optimism about that. It’s a great start to a new year,” Blasko said.

Paul saw parenthood as more than a gift and said he understands when people say children are the meaning of life.

“I’ve never been in love with anything more than I am in love with Stephanie right now,” he said.”That’s my boy! It won’t be the last, will it?”