Jail needs new sinks

WARREN – Trumbull County commissioners are set to approve spending $5,524 to purchase eight new stainless steel sinks to replace sinks damaged by prisoners purposely clogging and overflowing them.

Commissioners will vote on the purchase at today’s regular meeting.

The problem became so severe in recent weeks that water ran down to the first floor, damaging ceiling tile and spilling on a copier and other electronic equipment. A deputy in the downstairs visitors’ area had to be relocated.

“We had a similar problem several years ago of prisoner damage that was addressed,” Fuda said. “We were able to reduce our monthly water bill by $4,000 a month.”

Working with sheriff’s deputies and the county’s maintenance crews, the county has been able to reduce incidents of prisoners clogging and damaging sinks.

“In recent years, we have had more people being brought to the jail with mental health issues because facilities which formerly addressed their concerns are no longer available,” Fuda described. “Our deputies are not trained to deal with these issues.”

The new sinks being ordered will be more difficult to pull away from the walls,” Fuda said.

Commissioners also are expected to vote to provide an additional $72,532 to Dave Sugar Excavating LLC for the Kermont Heights Sanitary Sewer improvements project to reroute a 12-inch sewer in tunnel, south of state Route 7 at the Ruth Street intersection.

Fuda said the project is 95 percent complete, but the water table at the site where the sewer line originally was supposed to be placed is too high because water has filled an abandoned mine in the immediate area, making it impossible to place the line at that location.

No general fund revenue will be used for the change order, because the amount is within the 10 percent built in to the project’s original estimate for unexpected emergencies. With the change order, the project’s cost is expected to be $2,528,941.76.

Commissioners also are expected to vote on the second phase of Newton Falls’ Scott Street Sanitary Sewer project in which new sewer lines will be placed in the village. Once complete, approximately 185 households will be able to tap into the sewer lines.

Agreements with All American USA Taxi Inc. will extend its contracts for six months through June 2014, for the eligible transportation of Medicaid recipients with no other means of transportation to appointments; transportation of eligible pregnant women to medical appointments; and transportation of Temporary Assistance To Needy Families recipients. Increases are for $630,000, $31,000 and $75,000 respectively.