Urchek ousted in Bazetta

BAZETTA – In a game of musical election chairsfor Bazetta trustees, incumbent Frank Parke and newcomer Ted Webb won, leaving incumbent Don Urchek on the outside Tuesday.

With three candidates circling the two trustee board openings, Parke led with 39.2 percent of the votes and Webb swept up 35.4 percent, according to unofficial and incomplete results. Urchek was not far behind with 25.4 percent.

“I’m feeling pretty good. Four years ago I went to bed a winner and when I woke up I was a loser, so I’m hoping that doesn’t happen again. It doesn’t look like it, at least,” said Webb about 10 p.m. Tuesday.

In November 2009, nine candidates ran for two open trustee seats. Though the race’s top contenders were the same, Webb lost by 10 votes to Urchek, who, along with Parke, began his first term in office.

Webb and Parke, 64, ran much of their campaign together, using dual-sided door hangers to promote each other and staking their signs side by side.

“It was a lot of hard work. We went around door to door. I’m kind of glad with the way it worked out,” Parke said.

In his second term, Parke said he would like to maintain fiscal security within the budget while pursuing mutual aid agreements and collaborative efforts. He also said he would like to conduct township affairs without heavy reliance on legal counsel and see the new fire station open.

Referring to large opinionated road signs and a politically emblazoned van, Parke expressed his disappointment with the political pushing and shoving that occurred as the election drew to a close. On Monday, Webb brought Urchek before the Ohio Election Commission for what he saw as false claims in Urchek’s political literature. However the commission cleared Urchek of all allegations.

Urchek, 75, was not immediately available for comment Tuesday. During his term as a trustee, he aided in successfully negotiating union contracts, purchasing property for the centralized station and promoted road resurfacing. His second-term goals had been to promote prompt and professional services to residents, continue road resurfacing and construct the centralized fire station.

Webb had accused Urchek of incorrect claims on his accomplishments. However, the Ohio Election Commission cleared Urchek of five of the six allegations on Oct. 24, and dismissed the final claim on Monday.