Trumbull bridges on repair list

WARREN – Trumbull County has five bridges on a list that is 200 deep of county- and city-owned bridges that Ohio will spend $120 million on to repair and replace in the next three years. But there could be some time before work will be done here.

A bridge replacement project in Bristol appears to be set up for round two of the funding announced Thursday in Columbus by Republican Gov. John Kasich, who attributed the available resources to ”innovative thinking” and ”careful management” by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Work is expected to begin on the first 40 bridges next year.

Trumbull County was not on that list, but Michele Risko, a program manager with the County Engineer’s Association of Ohio, said one of Trumbull’s five projects will be funded in round two.

A list the engineer’s association sent out late Thursday that was provided to the Tribune Chronicle shows Trumbull County has five bridges that will receive maintenance or be replaced. Mahoning County is not on the list.

Next year’s projects were picked based on factors that included the safety of their structure and whether the bridges were currently open to traffic.

Steve Faulker, ODOT spokesman, said the agency has an idea of the 200 bridges that maybe repaired or replaced, ”but those are not certainties.” What is certain, are the list of 40 announced Thursday. It’s unclear when funding for future rounds will become available.

After first group, Faulkner said ODOT, would examine the rest of the bridges to determine which will be next.

Randy Partika, bridge engineer in Mahoning County, said, ”It’s not a bad list not to be on. The fact we don’t have one in the top 200, that is not a bad thing.

”We will continue to work harder on creative financing options that we have been utilizing for years that has prevented us from showing up on these high priority lists to date,” Partika said.

Trumbull County Engineer Randy Smith said the bridge on Fenton Road in Bristol that will be replaced is 46 feet long and spans Baughman Creek. The steel beam, single span bridge is 17 feet wide, is posted as a narrow bridge and has a weight restriction of three tons.

The state transportation department says Ohio has about 44,000 bridges of 10 feet or longer, second most in the nation behind Texas.