Thanksgiving’s paper biggest ever

WARREN – The Tribune Chronicle will publish the ”ultimate Christmas season shopping guide” for Trumbull County on Thanksgiving morning, Publisher Charles R. Jarvis said Monday.

The newspaper’s largest edition of the year will contain shopping circulars for 36 of the major retailers and businesses offering special bargains to help shoppers plan for the early store openings and sales on Thanksgiving Day and for the Black Friday shopping blitz.

”There is no doubt Thanksgiving’s Tribune Chronicle is the ultimate Christmas season shopping guide,” Jarvis said. ”It will contain 708 pages of sale advertising in 36 inserts as well as dozens of in-paper ads with great shopping opportunities.”

Home delivery subscribers will get their copy early Thursday morning. ”Many families spend a portion of Thanksgiving going through the sale advertisements and mapping their strategy for their early Christmas shopping,” said Kim Bergman, advertising director for the newspaper. ”We are proud to have the Tribune Chronicle be part of that tradition.”

For those expecting to pick up a copy of the newspaper at a newsstand, the price will be $1.50, the same as last year.

”This is our largest Thanksgiving paper ever,” said single-copy sales manager Mike Shouey, ”so we are preparing to have an adequate supply at our dealers on Thanksgiving Day.”

Producing a newspaper that will weigh in the neighborhood of three pounds is no easy feat.

”We will print more than 30,000 newspapers with 52 pages of news and advertising, and we will insert more than one million circulars into those papers,” said Scott Gee, production manager at the newspaper. ”Our press crew and our mailroom workers take great pride in this Thanksgiving edition.”

Tribune Chronicle advertisers already have planned several sales events throughout the Christmas season, said the Tribune’s general manager Len Blose.

”So, don’t miss an edition between now and Christmas. If you do, you might miss a real opportunity to save real dollars on that purchase you plan to make,” he said.