Sunshine, county near deal

WARREN – A county official says the management of Sunshine of Warren-Trumbull Area Inc. and the county are near completion of an agreement that will allow the housing organization to get on a payment plan to pay its back property taxes.

“Sunshine is working on a refinancing plan with its lender, Huntington Bank, that will enable it to pay on its back taxes,” Trumbull County Treasurer Sam Lamancusa said. “We are hoping to complete this process by the end of the month.”

The nonprofit agency has been under scrutiny since last March when it was revealed that it was $188,500 in arrears in back property taxes and assessments.

The county, at the time, threatened to file for foreclosure on 87 Sunshine properties, including 33 that were vacant. Several of the properties were being sold under land contract.

Since the original announcement, Sunshine has repaid an estimated $13,775 of the back property taxes, according to Lamancusa.

“It has sold two of the properties and the taxes on the properties that are being sold under land contract have been brought up to date,” Lamancusa said.

Sunshine Director Anthony Iannucci previously said the organization has been working with its lender to refinance its loans on the properties to lower the monthly payments and the monthly savings would be used to pay down on its back taxes.

The organization also has worked to sell some of its properties. The profits from the sales are intended to be used to pay down the back taxes.

In August, 18 properties under a for profit Sunshine subsidiary, Warren Neighborhood Redevelopment Inc., were placed on a property tax repayment plan. Warren Neighborhood Redevelopment was $61,812 delinquent in taxes at the time of the announcement.

“These properties now are under a repayment plan,” Lamancusa said.