Report: Couple robbed at gunpoint

WARREN – A city man told police that he and a woman were robbed at gunpoint at the abandoned train tracks behind West Market Street early Thursday.

Justin Simmons, 31, of Warren, told police he and the woman – who was not identified in the police report – had left Rocky’s Store at Iowa and West Market Street around 12:40 a.m. and were taking the path that begins right behind the Rent One business at 1703 W. Market St. when two males wearing hoodies came upon them and pointed guns at them, according to a Warren police report.

Simmons told police the gunmen ordered them to hand over their cash. The gunmen weren’t satisfied with the amount of cash, so they ordered Simmons to remove his shirt and pants or they would shoot him, the report states.

Simmons told police after he complied, the gunmen ordered him and the woman to turn around and start walking. Simmons told officers the gunmen threatened to shoot them if they turned back around or called police, the report states.

Simmons told police he could hear the gunmen run down the path toward Rent One and Rocky’s. He said he and the woman returned to his residence, where he then called police.

Police said they searched for the gunmen and found a pair of blue jeans, a red shirt and a black nylon wallet matching the description Simmons gave of his clothing.

Police said when the went to the Rent One property they saw two sets of foot tracks in the mud and snow and determined the gunmen may have been lying in wait behind a Dumpster, then followed Simmons and the female to a dark area of the path.

The police report indicates Simmons was robbed of a cell phone valued at $50 and $10 in cash.

Police said they tried to talk to the woman, but she refused to give them any information and were not able to determine whether anything was taken from her.